10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Bananas

Banana is a very simple fruit to eat. Just peel and start devouring it. But it is not that simple when it comes to its benefits. Banana can be considered mother nature’s gift when it comes to advantages of eating Banana for your health. Banana’s are a very good source of potassium but that’s not all, there is much more hidden underneath the skin of it. Banana’s are rich in carbohydrates, Vitamin A, C, and B6. Phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc and some natural sugars like sucrose and glucose are abundant in this fruit. Here are 10 amazing health benefits of bananas –

1. Improves digestion 

Banana is a fiber rich fruit and owing to that it can help in digestion. The insoluble fibers travel through the digestive passages and help to smooth the digestion process. Moreover, Bananas contain Fructo-oligosaccharides which are gut friendly bacteria and helps the intestines to absorb the nutrients and minerals more effectively.

2. Cures Ulcers and Heartburn 

A Heartburn is caused when the fluids of stomach unexpectedly jump up to your food pipe. They can cause irritation and itching feeling in the throat. Bananas help to cure this by balancing your stomach’s pH levels and enhance the protective covering of the mucus layer on the inner sides of your stomach.  Regularly consuming Bananas can also help to reduce stomach ulcers which are caused due to a breaking of the inner protective covering of mucus inside the stomach. They do so by thickening of the mucus wall over time.

3. Improves skin 

Bananas not only are beneficial when eaten but they can also help in other ways. If you are having acne, just peel a fresh banana skin and rub the inner side of the skin on the affected areas. Leave it as it is for some time, the fatty acids from the Banana peel gets absorbed into the skin and helps to get relieved from a variety of skin conditions.

4. Stress reducer 

This might not be a very well known fact but it has been proven that Bananas help to reduce stress and improve mood. Bananas provide Tryptophan which is an amino acid, it is converted into Serotonin by the human body. Proper levels of Serotonin can help to improve mood and reduce stress over a period of a couple of hours.

5. Cure for Hangover 

Just like Lemon, Bananas are a very great way to get rid of your hangovers. Mornings with hangovers from the past night’s drinks are a real pain to get rid off. Just blend some Bananas with some milk and ice and your hangover recovery drink is ready. Though its better to not drink too much but it isn’t a big problem if you have some Bananas lying around the next morning.

6. Burns fat 

A single Banana contains 12 milligrams of Choline, Which is Vitamin B and helps to reduce fat content in your body. Choline works on a genetic level to approximate the amount of fat stored in your belly. Lack of choline can lead to an imbalance in this interaction and can make your body store more fat in the belly thus making you fat.

7. Helps to treat Anemia 

Anemia is mainly caused due to lack of iron in the body. Bananas are a good source of iron and thus can help to get rid of Anemia if consumed regularly. Regular consumption of Banana with other iron rich food items can help to recover from symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, and rapid heartbeat.

8 . Natural energy 

Bananas are rich in vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. They also have a great supply of natural sugars such as sucrose and fructose. If you need instant energy, Bananas are the way to go.

9. Protects against chronic disease 

Bananas have alpha-carotene and beta-carotene which are pro-vitamins and can help with the deficiency of Vitamin A in the body.  These help the body to get rid of the chronic ailments such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

10. Maintains a healthy heart rate 

Banana being rich in potassium, which is a mineral electrolyte is essential for a healthy heart. Potassium helps the body to deliver the optimum amount of oxygen to the brain through the circulatory system. This, in turn, helps to maintain a proper and healthy heart rate.

Like the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a banana can also keep the doctor away. Banana not only has many health benefits but is also very easily available and easy to consume. Given above were some of the few health benefits of banana that you can get just by consuming it regularly.


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