10 Effective Ways For Developing Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the process of analyzing and evaluating things, processes, conditions or subjects and form a judgment over them. It is a very important life skill which should be possessed by each and every one in this modern developing world. Critical thinking is the art of forming your own opinions regardless of others influence.

What is critical thinking?

Critical thinking basically is a skill which can be acquired with practice over time. It is the process of analyzing and evaluating different things and forming an opinion or decision over them. It allows us to analyze outcomes, sequences, process a large amount of information systematically. It allows us to ask questions, predict answers, know the logic behind things and a lot more including gaining knowledge and experience.

Why should I learn to do critical thinking?

It may not be the most basics of the skill required for survival but it is an advanced skill which can be a great help especially in this modern world where people are getting smarter day by day. Critical thinking doesn’t require hours of training either it requires any special kind of equipment to learn. It can be learnt by observing the basics of things. Working of stuff around you, analyzing them, observing the patterns and by much more ways.

Tips for developing critical thinking –

Critical thinking is most required by the students but it doesn’t harm to learn if you are not a student. It still might help you in your job or anywhere else. Here are the top 10 tips for developing critical skills –

  1. Play mind games –

Mind games, they may be anything ranging from chess to puzzles, can help you to stretch your mind. They can help you to learn the basics of carefully observing things, analyzing moves. Puzzle games can help you improve your problem-solving skills. Games having pattern recognition as the objective can help you to improve your memory, cognition skills, and alertness.

  1. Read books –

Books are a man’s best friend. Truly said, Books can provide you immense knowledge. When reading a book never rush it. Read line by line, understand it, analyze and then move forward. Try to get the essence of the content, try to get to the emotions of the writer. Never read more than you feel comfortable with or a whole book in just a few days. Read a chapter per day, let the emotions and content sink in.

  1. Write a journal –

Writing a journal helps you to focus on minimum ideas possible at a time. It gives you a chance to relive the moment which has passed. Writing journal is an art which you will learn over time. Try to write about your day in it before going to bed, if not possible every day, try to write at least 2-3 times a week. Fill it with ideas, emotions, thoughts or whatever amazes you.

  1. Logic puzzles –

Logic puzzles are a great way to improve your analyzing and logical skills. They help you to use the best of your brain. Always try to solve the puzzles in minimum time as possible. These puzzles activate the logic based regions of your brain and help your brain to do the mental gym to improve your logic skills.

  1. Ask questions –

Never be afraid to ask questions no matter if the person answering them is receptive or not, no matter if you don’t feel like asking, just simply ask and never hesitate to know something. Getting known to the answers will only help you to discover more creative ways to reach the solution.

  1. Create stuff –

Always thrive to create something new and never settle for what you’ve created. Try to make it better and continue towards perfection. Ask questions if not this then what? if not now then when? if not me then who? Be creative.

  1. Break things down –

Whenever trying to grasp new things, break them down to the core and try to get the big picture it holds. When solving problems break them in small chunks of the simplest choices. Analyze and evaluate them, finding a solution is not hard then.

  1. Don’t take things for granted –

A major mistake we commit is taking things as they are. We never question their origin and purpose. Even when doing something we tend to do many things just because we have been doing them. Put a habit of asking basic questions like What’s the problem? What can be the required solutions? What are the ways to reach the solution? And the list goes on.

  1. Collect information –

Always keep learning since it is a lifelong process. Information plays an important role for any problem. If you have a problem be it related to any issue, start collection information about it. Use the Internet as your biggest resource. The more information you have the better you will be able to analyze the problem and the better you will be able to solve it.

  1. Don’t consider yourself always right –

It’s hard to even assume that you may be wrong but it’s nothing more that an ego issue. Always be welcome to suggestions and never consider yourself right until you have concrete proof to support your thoughts. Assuming wrongly that you are always right might deceive you and lead to a wrong path especially when it comes to critical thinking. So always speak on the basis of proof.

Critical thinking is a must required skill in today’s world and the above-given tips will help you achieve them fast. So follow the tips and become a better person.


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