10 food combinations which are dangerous to your health

One will find several articles on what healthy foods are and what is not. And from decades everyone has been hearing to consume a lot of fruits, drinking plenty of water, to eat foods which are less on starch and consume high fibrous foods. But how many have realized that even though they have been healthy for the body but certain combinations can be quite dangerous.

10 Food combinations which can cause serious health issues are:

Below are several lists of food combinations which are considered to be dangerous for your health.

  • Water while having or after meals: According to doctors especially gastroenterologists suggests that one should drink water 10 minutes before a meal and to give a break of 30 minutes after a meal. It is recommended to avoid water during and immediately after meals is because it can cause discomfort; also it may hinder with digestion of the food which can cause gas problems and bloating. This is to be followed due to the fact that water dilutes gastric juices which is very essential in digesting food and absorption of appropriate nutrients
  • Coffee and Tea to be avoided after meal: This caffeinated beverage contains tannic acid which disrupts the absorption of food nutrients as it binds the food proteins and iron and hence delays the process of digestion.
  • Do not consume fruits immediately after a meal: Everyone has been hearing eating fruits whenever is good but has anyone heard that eating fruits just after food is not healthy. Yes, eating fruits immediately after a meal can cause decomposition of food substance which can cause gastric issues or indigestion. One should eat fruits at least half an hour after food. It can also be consumed as an appetizer an hour before food or whenever one feels hungry but immediately after food is a strict NO.
  • Milk and banana: Banana in itself is considered to be a wholesome meal for breakfast. And the combination of banana and milk becomes too heavy for the stomach to digest for some people. Also banana causes curdling of milk in the stomach as it turns sour.
  • Cold aerated drinks and cheese: Cold drink and cheese become high in Carbohydrate and fat which is not healthy at all. Food with loads of cheese is high in fat which promotes obesity again cold drink is high in fructose which also causes obesity. And so bringing the two together becomes a deadly combination.
  • Meat with cheese: Both the ingredients are protein-rich foods. High protein food can cause damage to the liver. It’s because it leaves toxins during the process of metabolization of proteins in turn hampering the liver.
  • Yoghurt with fruit: Ayurveda advice that mixing of sour fruits and dairy products can change the gut flora producing toxins causing cold, worsening of allergies, sinus congestion, and cough.
  • Milk with oatmeal or cereal and orange juice: The acid present in citrus fruits destroys the enzyme that helps in digesting starches in cereals and oats. Acidic fruits cause curdling of milk forming mucus like substance. Therefore it is suggested that if one needs to have fruit juice its is recommended to have at least 30 minutes before milk with cereals.
  • Tomatoes and Starchy carbs: Tomato which is an acidic fruit when combined with starchy carbohydrates such as sweet potato or rice can cause GERD which is a digestive disorder, indigestion. Some have stated that tomatoes and starchy carbs can cause fatigue after a meal.
  • Dessert and wine: Alcohol increases the production of insulin increasing the sugar level in the blood and huge amount of sugar in the dessert gets stored as fat in the body leading to unsound weight gain. This combination acts like a poison to people suffering from diabetes.

It is very important to note these above combinations as it causes severe digestive problems in the long run such as nausea, gastric problem, bloating, stomach ache and fatigue. Therefore, combining food is a health conscious effort. Food is the source of nutrients for the body and eating the right combination can improve your health which is even scientifically proven.

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