Top 10 home remedies to fix water in the ears

Don’t let water in your ears ruin your day!

It has often happened to us that water has gotten inside our ears while swimming, rain or even just playing around water and what a nuisance that is! Water when collects inside the ear, causes infection, pain, and swelling. What is worse is, it is very difficult to get that water out and most often we have to run to the doctor before things get worse. Following are a few methods you can try at home that will help you get rid of water in the ears

Jiggle the earlobe

In case you have water inside your ears, you can try jiggling your earlobes rapidly while tilting your head to one side over the shoulder. It creates a disturbance inside the ear forcing the water out as it faces downwards. Shaking your head from one side to another also helps the water out of the ear while in this position so that both ears are rid of the water and you do not strain your neck, staying in this position for too long.

Creating a vacuum

Creating a vacuum is very efficient a way to rid your ear of water. Tilting your head to one side and keeping it parallel to the ground and resting the ear against a cupped palm makes a suction cup. When you push the hand flat against the ears while pressing and cupping it while pulling away, a gentle vacuum is created, but only if this process is repeated rapidly, multiple times. This draws the water out from your ear but might take you a little practice before you master it. It should never be done when the ear is facing up as it might drive the water deeper inside.

Alcohol and vinegar

Rubbing alcohol and vinegar is a magical solution to water in the ear. After one spoon of rubbing alcohol mixed with vinegar is applied in the ear, rubbing the area around makes the water exit the ears easily. The acid helps ear wax break down easily removing any water it might withhold. Alcohol helps keep the ear dry while vinegar acts as an anti-bacterial agent and prevents from any infections occurring inside the ear. This solution should be used as drops and no more than 3-4 drops.


The one thing that comes to mind when thinking of drying things is a blow dryer and believe it or not, it actually works to rid your ear of water that might have collected inside. Using a blow drier will warm up the water and turn it to vapor releasing your ears. Remember to set it at the lowest heat or even at cool and hold it atleast a foot away from the face. Swinging it in a front and back motion helps the water evaporate faster and dry your ear in the process. Just be extra careful around it.

Garlic and olive oil

It can efficiently help you remove water from the ears. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties that help reduce pain and ear infections while olive oil which is rich in antioxidants help soothe inflammation and swelling. All you need to do is warm the oil and the garlic in it so that the garlic juice is taken in the oil and allow it to cool. Once it’s cool, apply little of it with an ear dropper in the ear and let it be for about 10 minutes. Clean the ear with an earbud of both the oil and the water.

Over the counter eardrops

Over the counter, eardrops are a very simple and effective solution to rid yourself of water in the ear. They are cheap and can be bought at any medical store. They are alcohol based solutions that prevent infections in the ear and kill any microbes that might develop. Just apply it following the instructions that are given and tilt your head to the side to allow the water to flow out.

Force it out

This method is the simplest and does not even require the use of any external solutions. Just close your mouth and nose and apply pressure from inside. You will feel the force on your eardrums and realize that the water is flowing out.  When done correctly, you will even hear a popping sound.


Yawning and even chewing a lot sometimes help to relieve you of any uncomfortable feeling


Treatments using steams helps evaporate the water inside the ears ridding the ear of water that has collected inside.


Not salt directly but heating salt in a cotton cloth and gently dabbing it on the ears for 3 minutes helps the water inside evaporate relieving you of pain.

In spite of all the hacks mentioned above, it is always advisable to get yourself checked by the doctor just to ensure no harm is done.

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