10 Killer Facts about Indian Food

Indian food is pretty famous around the world. Indian food is something which is almost loved by every one of us. There are several theories of origins of different Indian food, Indian spices, Indian taste and things like these. However, there are facts which are quite unknown to us, in spite of loving the food so much. The below are some of the killer facts about our beloved Indian food.

Some facts about Indian Food

  1. Butter Chicken origin: The dish is popular in all around India, rather the world. Known as one of the most royal dishes of India, is not actually an Indian dish. The origin of this famous so-called Indian dish is Scotland. In 1791, Glasgow, a man claimed that the dish is prepared by him first and then it travelled here.
  2. Uses of gold: India is the only nation in the world, which started using gold in their dishes. This has come from the royals of India, who often used gold in their dishes, in order to avoid germs contamination. Even today, in south India, there is a hotel which serves Golden Dosa, and is a delicacy over there. It is claimed that the Dosa is topped with 24k gold shavings.
  3. Sugar Crystallisation: India is the first country to discover the methods of crystallization from sugar cane. Before that, sugar crystals were made from different fruits. Pure crystallization of sugarcane sweeteners was started in India. Before that, it was very rare to sugar powder, as it was very costly, so India used to honey as an alternative.
  4. Indian Thali Theory: Indian thali is claimed to have all 6 flavours of food. This includes sweet, sour, sour, bitter, spicy, salty and astringent or sharpness. It is said that a perfect Indian dish has all these flavors in them. So, next time you dig into a dish, try fell all these taste for sure. Actually, it is seen that all the traditional Indian dishes do have all these flavors in them and thus it makes them Indian.
  5. Chilli Origin: India is known for its spiciness in their dishes. India uses about 76% of worlds chilli. However, it is known to very people that Chilli is not originated in India. The first ever chilli in India was introduced by Portuguese cuisine.
  6. Black rice: India can be said as the rice bowl of the world. No nation consumes the amount of rice consumed by India. All types of rice are eaten and produced here. Nevertheless, have you ever heard of black rice? Yes, you read it right. Black Rice, or forbidden rice is produced only in India, apart from China. No other nation, apart from these two is capable of making this rice.
  7. Hottest Chilli: India is known for producing the hottest chilli in the world. Ghost Chilli or Bhoot Jalokia is recorded to have the hottest sensation. It is said that it almost 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce, which itself is pretty hot.
  8. Indian restaurants in London: From a survey, it has been found that there are more Indian restaurants in London than that in Mumbai or Delhi. This is because of the popularity of Indian cuisines.
  9. Spice production: India is the only nation, which has got these many diversities in spice production. It is recorded that, world’s total requirement’s 70% is served by India itself. This again proves the love for the spices of this country.
  10. History of Curry: The term curry is pretty common, when it comes to Indian food, rather food. The word is known to the world as a type of dish. Nevertheless, actually it is not a dish, rather it is a mix of spices used to make a dish. The proportions and ingredients of the spices make the difference in taste.

The above are some of the facts about Indian foods, which are pretty unknown to all of us. So, before to stuck for a debate subjecting Indian food, do know the facts well, so that you carry on.

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