10 killer facts about Conor McGregor

McGregor is a worldwide name in sports. He’s a martial artist as well as he’d recently signed in for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). But here are some killer facts about Conor you should know.

Tough yet soft-hearted – You might have seen him fighting hard, crushing his opponents but he himself admits that he’s a soft-hearted person. He says that he’d kept the hat of his grandfather in his gear bag.

In sleep too? – We all know that McGregor fights & break his opponents but his fans would not be amazed if their idol used to fight even sleep! Yes, that is true McGregor fights even in sleep.

Fashionable – Yes Conor McGregor is undoubtedly into fashion, he does follow the latest trends. For his fans that had not seen him other than fighting, would probably see him as a fashion icon if he had not chosen to fight as his career.

Strong Sister! – If a brother is into fighting then will his little sister be left behind! McGregor’s sister Erin is into body building. Though the siblings are not in the same field but both of them respect each other’s work. Erin in an interview had admitted that her body building is no easy job & there were tough periods in her path but her brother always supported her, never leaving his sister alone.

Really Hates Aldo – Well not only just for fights McGregor hates Jose Aldo but he also hates him personally. Once in an interview when he was questioned about Aldo he said he would fight Aldo in a heart beat & doesn’t consider Aldo as someone significant!

Foodie – Every fit person would tell that they prefer dieting & have stopped consuming his favourite food. But McGregor is not like others though he’s a sports person & he goes for daily workouts & training programs but he still loves food. In an interview, he said that he’s looking forward to the day when he’ll get old as then no longer he’d to workouts & he could eat to his heart’s content.

Supporter of same sex – Yes you heard it right! He supported the idea of legalizing the same sex marriage in Ireland 2015. He urged his fans to support the idea of same – sex marriage & luckily being a public figure he got a good response from the people.  Now after US, Ireland too has legalized same sex marriage!

For protection – Believe it or not but McGregor did get into Ultimate Fighting Championship just to protect himself! During his childhood days he was bullied a lot by his playmates so to protect himself he started training himself in kickboxing & then moved to jiu-jitsu. And then one day his career became this! He’s the Face of many anti – bullying moments!

Supports his Fans – once a T.V reporter asked him what is his take on his fans who sell his autographs for money, he simply said that he did not mind if his fans sold his autographs just for money because for him they were only collecting money which would sustain them! As few of us know that McGregor himself had a very rough start in his life, he even had to work as a plumber! So for him making money out of something is very important. That’s the reason he supports his fan!

$ 7.1 million of a fight! – Yes, that is true enough! The Ultimate Fighting Championship did make that much amount of money. Even McGregor boasted of how much money had come into the Ultimate Fighting Challenge for him & how much more is still to come to them! Whenever it is his fight its pretty sure the stacks of UFC are bound to get high. Not only him but there’s another one for whom UFC makes an approx of $8 million that is Ronda Rousey!

Here we come to an end with 10 killer facts about the star fighter Conor McGregor! Many who are his fans probably did not know about these facts so have a look at these facts & know you star much better than before!

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