10 killer tips to become best kisser


Human beings have been performing the act of kissing as the primary way of demonstrating fondness towards one another since they came into existence. Kissing is a severely entrenched gesture in human life for various scientific and emotional causes. Kissing has its many names based on the way it’s done such as French-kiss, smooch, peck, etc. Kissing is the most unshakable human instinct that defies any sort of explanations. Kissing is of different kinds; it can be informal, it can be passionate, or it can just be a way to show how much someone means to you. Regardless, everyone takes part in this action. Although, Philematologists, those who study the act of kissing, cannot give a reason to why or how human beings started kissing in the first place; they confirm that kissing has been an expression of love since the very beginning of life.

Kissing is an opportunity to be comfortably close to your partner and appraise the crucial and sub-consciously processed characteristics. Kissing stimulates the release of pheromones which is known to be your body’s way of sending signals to your partner. The pheromones emanate an intoxicating scent that helps you determine your fondness and compatibility with your partner in the initial stage. Besides providing the emotional satisfaction, kissing is also scientifically proven to be good for your health.  Some of the reasons to consider kissing other than as an act of love are:

  • Kissing gives a boost to your immunity system.
  • Helps burn calories.
  • Strengthens facial muscles.
  • Gives you relaxation.
  • Your oral health can benefit from passionate kissing.
  • Relief from pain.
  • Helps choose your suitable partner.

Now that it is established that kissing has serious benefits to it, it is of primary importance to know the right way of doing it. Although, kissing is not rocket science; if performed wrong, it can be very sloppy, disgusting and the worst nightmare of your life. In this case, the most helpful action would be to provide you with a list of 10 killer tips to become the best kisser.

How It Should Go:


By now, it is understood that kissing is performed to show how much you love someone. However, before anything happens, you need to be sure that your partner and you share the same view about kissing each other, which is, you both want to.


One of the very important things to do before kissing is minding your surroundings. The best kisser always seeks for the right time and the right ambience so that the kiss is perfect and remains etched in their memories.


The worst thing about a kiss is bad breath or coarse lips. Bad breath is known to be a mood killer since time immemorial. Therefore, always remember to keep a lip balm in handy and pack some mints with you before going out with your partner.


Expectations at times lead to disappointments. So, instead of always expecting your partner to do the things you like while kissing, talk it out. Communicate about how you like things and what triggers it in you. It is also important to let your partner know the things you liked about the kiss. So, talk, establish a connection, have your ‘moment’, and then proceed to the action. Communication and the right things in the perfect mood, always result in some of the best kisses in the history of kissing.


The best kisses always start with some teasing and playing. A good kisser knows that less leads to more. Try starting off with a really small but intense kiss on your partner’s lips and immediately pull back. It is not only a seductive way to approach your partner, it also leaves them craving for more.


A tongue is an essential part of kissing. While tongue can increase the intensity of the kiss making it a lot more intimate, it can also be really sloppy and gross. So, never focus on shoving the tongue down the throat. At the same time, not opening your mouth portrays lack of involvement which might lead your partner to think that you’re not that ‘into’ it. Therefore, open your mouth, show them you want it, add an adequate amount of tongue; and you have the best kiss of your lifetime.


Never keep your hands hanging in the air. Touch your partner, hold them tight. Start by placing your hands on either side of your mate’s head, eventually sliding your hands in her hair or brushing your fingers in his hair. Slowly, slide down your hands to your lover’s lower back or neck. Pull them close, hold them tight, and make them know how much you want to be in each other’s arms.


Confidence is the key to everything. Calm your nerves and kiss away. Make your moves with ease and confidence.


Closing your eyes, giving in to the situation is all you need to have the best kiss. Kissing is not all about technique and ambience. It involves feeling your senses and acting into accordance. Kissing is breathing hard, feeling each other’s breath, sensing the other person’s feelings and just filling each other up with love. You don’t need eyes for that.


The best kissers are aware that lips are not all of it; it’s just where you start. It becomes quite boring after a few minutes to keep sucking on each other’s lips. That’s when it’s time to mix it up. Consider kissing on various parts of your lover’s body, like, under the jawline, behind the ears, a little kiss on the collarbone, neck, shoulder, etc. Explore each other’s body and appreciate it.


Learning the art of kissing is one of the most basic and essential tasks in life as human beings have the need to be able to express their feelings through various actions, kissing being the primary action of love. The first kiss is always needed to be made a big deal of, therefore, to have the perfect first kiss or the most satisfying kisses for life, it is absolutely necessary to know what you are doing and when to stop. Too much of anything spoils the fun. So, kiss well and stay healthy and remember the 10 killer tips to become the best kisser.

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