10 Killer tips to Shed Body Fat

If you are looking for some effective ways to shed off extra fat from your body then you have visited the right place. We all experience a fat issue once in a lifetime when we indulge in bad eating habits which lead us gain body fat & that awkward body shape. Many times we make exercise regime but most of the times they fail to make it to the mark. Don’t worry friends we are here to give you some amazing ways which will help you lose body fat &get back into shape.

Never skip Breakfast: – Do you skip your breakfast in the morning? Most of the people will say they do because they are so busy in the morning that they don’t get time to eat their breakfast. If you are also doing this stop doing it right now. Many studies have shown if you skip your breakfast, you will feel hungry all day. You may indulge yourself into junk food or high-calorie foods to combat hunger which lead to body fat. Many people think that if they skip their breakfast they are actually saving calories. But friends this perception is totally wrong &can lead you nowhere but to body fat. So always eat healthy breakfast.

Drink Plenty of Water: – Water is life. If you are looking for a tip for lose body fat then drink plenty of water. You can take water into many forms. Start your day with warm lemon water it will detoxify your body & liver. Or you can also take along with you in the office in a bottle of Detox water. Detox water is actually i water infused with some herbs & fruits. So make a habit of sipping Detox water all day & see magical results within some days.

Protein Diet: – Most of us don’t take the nutritional diet. We always look for junk foods which are quick to eat & make. Make your diet chart according to more consumption of protein into your diet. You will feel a craving for your old eating habits for some days about 1 or2 weeks. But stay motivated & strong and don’t fall for cravings. Include Eggs, almonds, oats, Nuts, yogurt, cheese, milk, green vegetable in your diet & say goodbye to those extra body fats.

Say no to Sugary Drinks: – If you had tried everything to lose body fat but still not able to shed fat, then just check your intake of Sugary drinks. We all have a habit of taking tea or coffee many times in a day.  If you think they are giving you energy for all day long then you are wrong. They are making you addictive towards them. Replace them with Warm lemon Water, Detox water or just plain water.

Eat Dinner Early: – One common mistake which most people do is they take their dinner & go to sleep. This is not good. Your food doesn’t get digested properly & you face digestion problem &eventually develop body fat. Try to have at least 3 hours difference in your dinner & sleep. Or just take a walk after you take your dinner to avoid that extra body fat to take place in your body.

Take enough Sleep: – Sleep is very important for the overall functioning of your body. If you do not sleep well, you will feel more craving for food, especially unhealthy junk food. So expert’s advice to take at least 8 hours sleep at night in order to wake up with a fresh body & mind. Remember sleep deprived brain comforts in food craving.

Make small changes In Daily Routine: – If you don’t have enough time to hit the gym & do exercise then you can start by making small changes in your Daily routine. Wake up 10-15 minutes before you usually wake up in the morning. Walk for about 10-15 minutes. If you travel by bus or any other public transport take the initiative of getting out of the bus or metro one or two stops before your actual stop and opt for Stairs instead of the lift.

Change your eating habits: – Change your habit of eating food while watching TV or your mobile. You eat more when you don’t focus on your food and results in overeating &getting body fat. Next time when you eat take a seat where you can’t access TV or Smartphone.

Green Tea: – If you have already quit your Tea or Coffee intake & missing that craving for Beverage, then we have a healthy beverage for you which can help you in losing Body fat or weight also. Green tea has antioxidants which boost your energy & metabolism.

Try Yoga: – Yoga is centuries old technique for overall health care. If you are not interested in hitting the gym or doing exercise then you can take up Yoga in order to lose body fat. Yoga asanas not only give you surprisingly results but also calm your body & let you feel peace within yourself.  Try this Centuries Old Yoga Aasans to get back into shape & face the world with greater confidence.

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