10 Signs that You have Got the Coolest Parents in the World

Every kid would like to have parents that are very much like them. Cool, easy and interesting. It is everybody’s wish that their parents should get along with them just like their friends do, smooth and quick. But this wish is not often fulfilled. Well, it is not an easy thing to be a parent and with the changing world, there are so many more challenges that people face when they are trying to be a better model of a parent. Well here are some points to actually give a clear picture as to who are the coolest parents in the world for a child…

They are close to ‘the friends’

Parents who love your friends just like you love your pals are the coolest of all. They are the ones who actually get along with your group with great enthusiasm. When your parents can perfectly gel with your besties then they are just as cool as you are. So the coolest! Right?

Parents who never judge your peer group

They never form a partial opinion about your group. They trust you, your choices and your company. Parents generally blame the friends for everything that you do. But if your parents are not doing so, they are definitely the coolest.

The ones who are more interested about your crushes than you yourself are

They are super excited when they get to hear that you like someone. And you are super comfortable in talking to them about all that you feel about your special person. Confiding your parents with your deepest secrets is just like what you have always dreamt of. And once it becomes a reality then WAO! And HOW COOL! Are the phrases.

Who let you decide what you want from your life

They never force you into getting the highest marks or they never exactly push you to a career track. They just simply teach you the importance of knowing your passion and they let you follow it. Most of the parents prefer pushing their children to pursue what they feel is good for them. But if your parents are not doing so, you are lucky to have the coolest parents.

The ones who make sure that you are doing all well

The best parents are the ones who exactly know when you are feeling a little low. They will try to do everything to alleviate your mood. They let you be sure that no matter, whatever happens, they will always be by your side. Whether you have a fight with your besties or with your boyfriend or have a low-grade card, they always try to console it and make you feel good.

Mom and dad who never sit with a comparison chart

They are not concerned about what the neighbour’s son scored in the academics. They let you know your own uniqueness and never compare you with others.

They know well when to let you have fresh air

They do not keep you confined in a fortress. They know when you need some open place and fresh air to roam around and hang out with your buddies

Who make sure that you look your best

They are the ones to introduce you to the latest fashion. They want you to go for all kinds of new haircuts and apparel styles. They just want that you are always bringing a new twist, a better one in your personality.

Parents who let you explore

They never stop you from going places. In fact, they encourage you to move out and find new sites and people. Going camping, going for your favourite hangout or going to your favourite vacation destinations with or without them, you always have the support backing.

Always there to show the right track

No matter whatever amount of freedom they give you or no matter how cool they seem, the coolest of the cool parents are the ones who always guide you with ages long, trained and tested principles of life. They will always be the coolest!


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