10 Signs that She Likes You

It is really difficult to understand whether a girl likes you or not. She might me over friendly or she might actually like you. These things can be really tricky as they are polite, sweet and nice to everyone. However, for knowing if a girl really likes you, it is important to pay attention to all the small things she does. Here are some tips with which you can determine whether she likes you or not:

Her way of talking

You must see if she is eager to have a conversation with you and she stays engaged with you all the time. Once she feels comfortable with you, you will definitely see signs which can tell you whether she likes you or not. There are many girls who just talk to guys for so much longer, this can be a good sign for you.


Laughing is one of the signs which should be observed and taken into consideration for determining whether she likes you or not. If the girl laughs at every small joke you crack, then she is definitely comfortable with you and is taking interest in your talks. Belly laughs are always better than giggles, and this can be a sign for finding out.


Many girls are there who are a little shy talking to guys, or they are afraid to make eye contact with guys directly. If they are shy but still are trying to make eye contact with you, you can be sure that those girls definitely will like you. Others confidently meet your gaze. You must watch for seeing whether her pupils are dilated.

Smiles seeing you

The smiles which make your eyes crinkle up is the smiles which you must look for. If that girl gives a sweet smile when she sees you or meets you, then she definitely loves you. This also can be tricky, as there are many girls who for just gaining popularity smile at everyone they look at, but most of them don’t bother if they don’t like a guy.

See whether she notices you

Whether she notices you or not might take various forms which depend upon the girl and the situation. If she completely tries to ignore you, then she definitely does not like you or your company. If she stays quiet in a group when you come or just nods or smiles, then definitely she notices you.

She does not like you flirting with others 

Any girl who likes you will not like you talking or flirting with other girls. She feels jealous. She might react immediately directly or may slip it in conversations. You must definitely look out for this sign as this is the most effective.

She hugs you

There are girls who hug guys and there are these types also who feels awkward hugging an opposite gender. This sign could take various forms. One thing that is common which you must notice is whether she is trying to get closer to you or not.

She blushes around you

If she blushes once or twice around you then you must not be sure about she likes you. When she continues to do so many times then you can consider as a sign that she herself is giving you a sign that she likes you. This can also at many times be tricky.

She bumps into you frequently and intentionally

If you live in the same locality then she might bump into you frequently that is evident. The thing you must look for in such situation is that whether she does it intentionally or not. If she does so then definitely she likes you.

She follows and likes your social media profile pictures 

If she is posting pictures with you or tagging you in her posts and liking your uploaded pictures then you must take that as a good sign. Girls do not normally like and tag pictures with the person she hates.

Hope these tips will be helpful for you to find whether a girl likes you or not.

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