No one can fathom the heart of a woman; neither can anyone understand what she speaks unless you are yourself a woman. The complicatedness of a woman’s mind cannot be comprehended by anyone especially when they are angry. Men have spent a lot of hours to find a pattern of women’s behaviour but all in vain. Here are some lines that you may have come across from your estrogens packed dragon with the meaning written which you can relate to.

Have fun

Meaning: Go out with me, I dare you. The consequences will not be pretty. I am warning you. And do the mistake and you will not be spared for all of your life. Remember, having fun is allowed only with her!

I am not hungry

Meaning: If you are hungry, go ahead and eat without me, but I may take away half your fries. In simple words, it means obviously am hungry why even asking? The No is only to show that you do not care the least about her and is really ignorant.

Am I looking fat in this dress?

Meaning: If you say yes, I am going to kill you. So there is only one answer and you better say it without delay. Your girl can never hear anything negative about her dress at least from you and dare you to do that, you will be straightaway accused of checking out other girls. Therefore, never criticize her dress however genuine her question might sound.

I find your mother very interesting.

Meaning: Your mother does not like me at all. Let’s face it we are never going to hit it off, but I am never saying anything negative about her to you because it will jeopardize our relationship.

I am not in the mood to talk.

Meaning: Not feeling like to talk but if you buy me a pizza, a tub of ice cream, chicken wings and a diet coke, I might feel like speaking to you. Make sure that this might is not simply might but is buy me these and talk. She needs both the food and the talk so do not miss anyone!!

I just want to go home and sleep instead of partying.

Meaning: I do not want to go out to get groped by sweaty strangers in a pub and spend hundreds of dollars on cheap drinks. Instead, I would get in my sweatpants and gobble on pizza and fries while watching my favourite show on Netflix.

It’s nothing. I am fine.

Meaning: Whatever you are doing, drop it and come rescue me from my emotional trauma. I have so many things to tell you about how I feel and how it makes me feel to be ignored by you even though I am dropping hints all the time.

I love spending time with you.

Meaning: I do not love you, but I do not want you to go away either because I like getting all these attention which makes me feel so special. I like being with you being it makes me feel special and you are a tool who provides me with this feeling.

I wish you were a girl so we could be best friends and sisters.

Meaning: Do not even think about dating me because you are not my type and I do not see you that way. You are friend zoned dude. So be my best friend and pretend you are okay with it. This is one of the favourite things that most girls do when she has to politely friend zone you. And make sure whatever you feel like never express anything other than just showing you are OK with it.

I am not like other girls.

Meaning: I am different and unique and I do not possess girly qualities like my friends have so you should definitely be with me. Moreover, I know what other girls are like so if you are talking to them, I will rip your face off. Mind it, the next moment you either require praising or proposing!

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