15 Effective Stress Relieving Exercises

Stress was not so common in past few years but since society developed, stress has become much common, it has affected people whether they may be from a corporate job or a college going student. Stress not only affects you physically but it degrades you mentally too. Stress is the cause of many ailments faced by the new generation at an early age.

What is stress?

Stress resembles to a physical response by our body. Whenever the body is under stress it goes into fight or flight mode which in turn releases a mixture of chemicals which cause some temporary changes in the body like pumping up of a heartbeat, shutting off blood flow to not so important organs and a sense of fear emerges.

Who has it?

Nowadays anyone can have it. Since the times humans progressed technologically workloads have been drastically increasing thus imparting stress on many of us. Even a school going student can be stressed nowadays let alone the people who do a corporate job.

How can I relieve stress?

Anyone who is having stress can get rid of it by doing some activities or try to change their lifestyles so as to be as stress-free as possible. Here we have listed some of the best activities to do to help you relieve stress.

What can I do?

Be social – Here being social doesn’t mean to use Facebook or other social apps whenever you are stressed. Being social means connect to your friends. Talk with your friends, family, relatives. Communicate as much as possible. Be light on topics, don’t flame arguments, just general chit chat should be enough.

Play video games – There’s nothing more stress relieving than playing video games. Whenever you feel stressed, take some time out and play some video games.

Take control of yourself – Control is what everyone seeks. But how frightening is it to loose control of yourself. Whenever under stress people tend to Lose control over their mind. Be positive, calm down your mind and remember do no Let let the mind control you, you should be the one controlling it not the other way around.

Be positive – Many times the reason for our stress is our failure at something. Let them go. Even the best ones fail. It’s not a big deal. Be positive, motivate yourself. Try to see the goodness in everything. Always hope for the best.

Take some time alone – Sometimes alone time is the best way to get out of your stress. Get away from the crowded life of cities and take out some time for yourself. Enjoy being alone, analyse yourself, get known to yourself. enjoy your own company.

Avoid unhealthy habits – Don’t rely on alcohol, smoking and caffeine as your ways of coping with stress. They can look like if they are helping you currently but in the long run they would only create new problems. Avoid them.

Set goals – Set new goals for yourself. Learn something new, it maybe a new language, or how to play an instrument or anything you find pleasurable.

Exercise – Exercising might look more tiring to you but in reality it will help your mind to get relief from the stress you are facing. Physical workout won’t make you completely stress-free but it will surely take your mind off it.

Meditate – Meditation is not only helpful for your body but daily meditation can help you to get rid of stress completely. Meditate on a daily basis for 15-20 minutes.

Laugh – Ever seen babies stressed? No. Because they are always happy and laughing. A good laugh is better than medicines you seek. Laughing reduces cortisol, the stress hormone of your brain and increases endorphin the happy hormone.

Listen to some music – Music is always good. Listen to some soothing and light music whenever you feel stressed. Avoid listening to very loud music. You can listen to just symphony or lyrical songs of your choice. You can create a playlist of your favorite songs or nature sounds.

Sleep – There is nothing more comforting than a good sleep. A good sleep re-energises your body for the days work and helps your mind to keep its calm. Try to sleep whenever you feel stressed. Use music to fall asleep faster if you are having troubles sleeping.

Eat right – Eat healthy. Many people have tendencies to do stress eating which ends up them consuming huge amounts of fried and oily food. Eat green vegetables, drink fruit juices and avoid junk food.

Go for a walk – Go for a walk alone. Go to a park or a hill or any natural peaceful place you can find. Get close to nature, enjoy its beauty, listen to the birds and other animals. Enjoy the peaceful time as much as you can.

Play with kids – Playing with kids can prove to be a great stress buster. The company of small kids will make you overlook your complicated stressful lives and enjoy your time the most.

Stress can be dangerous, it kills you from inside but you can get rid of it just by following some easy disciplines. Follow the above tips and lead a stress-free life.


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