15 Harmful Effects of Soft Drinks on your Health

Soft drinks can be a perfect combination for various kinds of foods and Hard drinks. But what effects it has on the body are not evident until later in life. You might not realize the danger you put yourself into if soft drinks are consumed on a daily basis. Read along to get acquainted with the various effects it has on your body

  • Functioning of kidney
    A research was done in the Harvard school for eleven years. It proved that the intake of soft drinks can decrease the functioning of the kidneys considerably. A twice as much reduction in the functioning of kidneys over time is a huge risk.
  • Dehydration
    The caffeine in soft drinks is diuretic. This promotes urination. An increase in the urinal activity leads to dehydration, which can cause you a lot of problems.
  • Possible Cancer
    The color which soft drinks have is a result of a chemical reaction. The compounds formed by these reactions can cause cancer according to a study.
  • High calories
    A high amount of calories in a drink that has no nutritional value will surely cause a problem over time as it takes a lot of exercise to lose the amount of calories you gain from one bottle of soft drink.
  • Magnesium interference
    The caffeine from soft drinks interferes the magnesium to be absorbed by the body. Magnesium is a nutrient essential to various functions in the body. It also helps to reduce the damage you suffer from chemicals and metals.
  • Obesity
    Obesity is a huge problem with people of all age groups, especially children. Sitting in front of the TV drinking soft drinks and eating munchies is a huge problem in youth. The high sugar and calorie intake increase the risk of obesity in children by a huge mark.
  • Deterioration of teeth
    The acidity in soft drinks is very low and can lead to the depletion of the tooth surface. The extended intake can make your teeth brittle over time.
  • High in sugar
    The high content of sugar is never good for health, whether you’re working out or on a diet. A single pack of soft drink is very sugary and void of any minerals.
  • Depletion of minerals
    Soft drinks have phosphoric acid, which depleted calcium. According to a research, the people with regular intake suffered s gradual decrease in their bone density. The depletion can cause various diseases like thyroid.
  • Metabolism interference
    Regular intake can also decrease the metabolic activity and can make it harder to lose weight. This was caused by the inability to burn fat and hence making it harder to work out. In this state, even the effectiveness of exercises decreased and you needed to work extra hard to lose weight.
  • Prevention of weight loss
    The more is the intake of sodas the harder it is to lose weight. The researchers prove that a huge increase in waistlines was seen in people who drank soft drinks.
  • Heart Disease
    Consuming more than one soft drink in a day can significantly increase your chances of a heart disease. This is due to the increased risk of developing a metabolic syndrome.
  • Liver Disease
    All types of sweetened drinks that are usually packed can cause Non-Alcoholic Fatty Acid Disease. This amount of useless sugar in a drink can cause a lot of problems if consumed on a daily basis.
  • Trouble in sleeping
    Caffeine, found in all soft drinks prevents one from falling asleep and gives an adrenaline rush. And a regular intake can mess with the sleeping patterns, making you unable to sleep.
  • Sugar Craving
    Moreover to the fact of having a high sugar content, soft drinks can make you crave more sugar. Hence leading to many problems in the future.

 The Soft drinks are not so soft on you

Considering the fact that they taste good and have that striking fizzy waters. The long-term effects make the soft drink very harmful. They have no benefits at all when talking from a broader perspective. So the next time you see a soft drink, pass on it.

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