15 rules everyone should follow at the gym

Who doesn’t want to have a lean and perfect figure nowadays? In fact, if we make a list of the most famous New Year resolutions then ‘going to the gym and achieving a well-balanced physique’ would secure the top rank. Working out for an hour or so in a gym is a great practice but along with it comes a set of basic rules that you should follow. If adhered to these, the gym becomes a great place for the maintenance of your form.

  • Use chalk: This is the first and the foremost rule that you should adhere to. Usage of chalk would help you grip the equipment. If your gym doesn’t allow chalk, go to a gym where it is allowed.
  • Have a calm behavior: Everyone is in the gym to work out. So it is your responsibility to be calm towards your fellow gym mates, especially in the morning sessions.
  • Understand hints: If a towel or a bag is placed on or near an equipment then understand that it is being used and the person is not present at the moment. Don’t just throw away their belongings and start using the same. It’s disrespectful.
  • Use weights maturely: Life weights of values which you are supposed to. Lifting a heavier weight to show off will cause you more harm than good.
  • Don’t spread: Don’t spread the weights around while doing drop sets. This clogs the gym space which is a supposed to be used by all. Be tidy in your approach.
  • Put the mobile equipment in their designated places: Mobile equipment’s include barbells, dumbbells, and kettle balls. These come in a range of weights. These should be kept back into their respective weight racks so that someone who is supposed to lift 6 lbs. does not end up lifting 15 lbs.
  • Be clean: Always carry a towel to wipe off your sweat from the place where you were working out. Not doing so might lead to the slippery floor which might cause an injury. The sweat on an equipment also makes it unhygienic for the other person to use it.
  • Consult a trainer: Always consult a trainer. A trainer is the only person qualified enough to advise you gym matters.
  • Don’t preach: Avoid being a preacher who irritates. Mind your own business in the gym. The trainers and therapists are there to help others if they need.
  • Don’t seek free advice: Very few things in the world are free and advice is one of them. There will be many self-professed experts in the gym to advise you but don’t listen to them. You are responsible for your own well-being.
  • Don’t hoard the locker-room: Don’t spread your belongings all over the locker-room. If you are done with the gym activities, collect all your belongings and leave the gym. Don’t convert the locker-room into a social arena.
  • Use the mirror wisely: Use the mirror for what it is supposed to i.e. to check your progress. Don’t stand there to take selfies and groupies for Instagram.
  • Don’t ogle: You’re paying in the gym to work out and not to ogle at the ladies in their yoga pants. Don’t be a jerk with an uncomfortable look. Beat the gym for working on your form.
  • Use deodorants and not perfume: Learn the difference between a perfume and a deodorant. While the former can be distracting and should not be used, the latter is as important a gym accessory as your towel. A good deodorant masks your body stench.
  • Wear proper clothes: While this upon an individual’s discretion, proper clothing is necessary. You should cover yourself adequately in spite of showing off your abs and cuts. Don’t wear any synthetic fiber clothes as they tend to hydrophobic. Wear something that is not very clingy and is hydrophilic i.e. sweat absorbing. You should also wear proper gym shoes as the lack of it can cause serious issues to your feet and knees.

These are some basic rules which you should adhere to.

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