15 Things Boys do when they are Alone

Every person needs a personal space for them self, where they can be the way they are and can do anything weird or strange and the best part, is that there will be no one to judge them.  Especially when it comes to boys, when they are spending time all by themselves they tend to do things which are very much embarrassing enough to do in front of others. Every guy needs a “me time” where they don’t have to care about anyone and be the way they are experimenting things that they will never tell other.

Here we are going to talk about 15 things boys do when they are all alone, having no one around them and doing stuff which is totally weird.

  1. The first and the foremost thing every guy does when they are all alone is to roam around having no clothes on. Boys like to wear as minimum cloths as possible.
  2. It happens sometimes that when boys are all alone and feeling bored, they spend their time in the bathroom, taking bath and just sitting there on the commode reading books or using phones trying to kill the boredom
  3. The craziest thing you will hear when boys are alone is that they talk to themselves. This is true and it turns out to be the best stress reliever.
  4. Stalking the girls they like or even their exes is what boys normally do when they are alone. Facebook Instagram has become a common platform for the boys to keep a tab on them.
  5. There are some habits that have to be done privately as it will turn out to be an embarrassing situation. Fart is the most common one, boys when they are all alone fart tremendously, and after farting the boys experience a good relief.
  6. Boys when all alone do things which is very gross, such as smelling their feet, armpits and other parts of the body.
  7. The most loved habits by boys when they are alone is to pick their nose and ears with their hand or any suitable object.
  8. Boys are gifted with a weird talent of killing time by just staring at the wall and not thinking about anything. This the most common thing done by the boys when they re all alone
  9. Boys always try to look different and so when they sound quality time alone they spend time in front of the mirror trying new hairstyles.
  10. The common stuff every boy does is watching porn, as well know watching porn at public places is not a nice option, so wherever they get some private space, they keep watching porn.
  11. This the very embarrassing to say, but  Jerking off is like a heavenly feeling for boys, so whenever they are alone and get a great opportunity of no one being around, they experience such pleasure.
  12. Personal hygiene is something you will rarely see in a boy. Boys when alone will never take care of their body, and have a unique talent to stay there by not taking bath at a stretch.
  13. Boys always like to show off their manliness and when they get the opportunity, they try to do stunts like headstand or backflip and so on.
  14. Boys always have this question in their mind to why it takes woman so much time to put makeup, for this they experiment on themselves by putting on and using women’s makeup kit.
  15. Fantasizing and daydreaming is something every boy do when they are all alone, just thinking and thinking sitting at the same place for hours.

These are the 15 weird points shown above, about how boys spend their time all alone doing stuff which is very much embarrassing enough to even know about. With this article it is evident that boys sometimes act crazy when they are alone and which is very much weird  But this is not the same with every guy, some try to have a productive time by doing jobs which are necessary to be done.


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