20 best online dating sites and apps

Infinite Excitements of Online Dating

The arrival of Internet has simplified many lives in many a different way. In recent times, people connect with their social lives through the internet. Thus, through an inevitable process, the internet is now in charge of the romantic encounters as well. Dating websites can find you any relationship you want starting with a friend to a life partner. These sites focus on your needs and couple you with the most suitable match. The dating websites and apps showcase the unique application of traditional methods in modern ways. So here’s a list of 20 best online dating sites and apps that can help you have an eventful life.


It is one of the most methodically devised dating website currently present on the internet. The dating experience now comes as an application for both Android and iOS devices. The app includes an easy-to-use interface. It is bug-free and provides fluid performance. Signing up for this site is free and effortless.


Zoosk.com is dedicated to socializing for romantic needs. People create the virtual layout of their lives and share their interests and joys to similar people. The site found its inspiration from Facebook. The experience can be obtained through mobile apps as well. It includes a relatively straightforward procedure for sign-ups. However, a certain amount has to be paid for the service.

Woo App

Woo is an app for both Android and iOS mobiles. Woo is the ideal application for casual dating and serious ones. The best feature of the app has to be the flawlessly formulated interface. You can go through profiles without any difficulty and acquire all the useful information. You can even enlist the profiles you liked the “crush” option. You can start your experience as soon as someone feels the same about you.


The website is globally usable and very precise in the service they provide. Lovestruck.com narrows down the list of love-interests that are suitable for you based on your geographic location. This website brings the working portion of the world together to explore more about their lives. You can connect with people who live near you. They are often invited to a gathering to communicate with each other.


Shaadi.com is an immensely popular site based in India. This site is aimed at joining people in a matrimonial union. Only people who are ready enough to commit sign up here. You can meet tons of people and find the one with whom you want to explore the rest of your life. The services are free to all

Clover App

Clover app comes with a bundle of features that can turn your dating life upside down. You can interact with a bunch of people and find the one for you. The app gives you an opportunity to fix dates, participate in events, take part in mixers, and plenty of other excitements. The Clover App comes with a free chatting option.


The Dating Direct website characterizes some extremely advanced mechanism to search for your ideal one. This website has 20 million operators alone from Europe. The site is pretty straight-forward. You sign up for free and browse through hundreds of profiles. Then, you proceed accordingly. It features a quick chat option which is very handy. However, a subscription is needed to establish a connection with someone.


Quick Flirt is the platform for all those who are seeking some excitement in life. This website makes it easy to have an entertaining time with anyone in the world. People chat up each other and establish a no-strings-attached relationship in the quickest possible way. The experience is fast and free.

Truly Madly

Your single life can be altered with the help of this free app. The app only includes validated users which eliminate the chances of meeting fake people. Truly Madly enlists some programs taking place in your area. You can engage your name and visit these sites to socialize. This app is available for Android and iOS users.


Parship introduces a refined method of match-making. This website inclines towards a scientific approach. A psychometric test is conducted to pair two people with maximum psychological compatibility. This process is not foolproof. However, it is free and utterly compelling.


eHarmony is one of the most popular websites for dating. The users have to undergo a compatibility test so that you are paired with the perfect person. The site helps people form an eternal relationship with their, would be partners. Expert psychologists are appointed to counsel you through the entire process.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is a well-known app to find the most suited match to share your life with. The app hooks you up with profiles of the available users in a personal chat window. This app also explores your Facebook page to connect you with people you have mutual friends with. The app is smooth and has an impressive interface. You can download the app for free.


Match.com prefers the customary way of pairing people. It is one of the most widely used websites that offers a simplified layout. This site provides the users with information about social events so that you get to meet new people. The experience comes in the form of an app as well. The app can be the perfect option for secondary usage and it can be downloaded for free.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is one the best websites for finding a romantic relationship. It also comes in an app form for smartphones. The services on this site as well as the app are cost-free. However, the users have to pay on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to acquire the updated features. The app reports some bug issues. However, it is not a deal breaker.


This application chose a unique way to create romantic relationships. When you walk past someone who also uses this app, the app takes it into account. After crossing paths with the same for a certain amount of time, the Happn suggests their profile on your page. If two people share a mutual liking for each other, they start conversing. The app adds music to enhance the experience. The app is available for free download.


Unlike most dating apps or websites, Bumble is dependent on the whims of women. You can swipe right and left to accept and reject respectively. When there’s a mutual approval established between two people, they are entitled to start a conversation. However, only the woman is allowed to instigate a communication within 24 hours. Then, men can respond to the chat within the next 24 hours. It is an iOS-based app. It’s now available for Android as well.


OkCupid is the most significant organization dedicated to the dating world. You can sign up to this website without any charge. It provides an enormous questionnaire to bring the most compatible people together. The app you can download it for free.


Tinder is the infamous name for the modernized version of all dating apps and websites. Tinder offers a vast catalog of profiles from where you can choose. You are required to swipe through your actions. From one night stands to matrimonial bonding, this app does it all. The application is quite buggy and troublesome. Nonetheless, it provides a favorable platform to get to know new people and socialize with them. You can sign up and download the app for free.

Technology and its perks

The invention of dating sites has revolutionized the lives of socially awkward people. It gives you an opportunity to share your traits and quirks with someone who can relate. Joining a dating website is the easiest way of connecting with the ‘one’ without having to be in a crowded surrounding. Although the chances of being deceived are incredibly high, these sites have succeeded in bringing two people together.

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