20 Best Ways To Propose Your Partner

Getting down one knee and proposing in a restaurant is now a clichéd proposal. Set your proposal apart with the help of these 20 different ways.

  1. Go to any sporting event and ask the telecaster to showcase you and your partner to be showcased in the big TV and at that moment you can pop the big question.
  2. Go to your favourite spot where you first kissed or have a special connection with and ask your beloved one to marry you. He or she will say yes immediately because of the perfect memories related to the spot.
  3. Cook up a nice homemade dinner. Light up some candles and set the ambience and play some romantic music. You can pop the question after dinner or just slip the ring inside wine or champagne for a delightful surprise.
  4. You can set up you entire ground of friends to set up this proposal. Each one of you will give her a rose and at last when she finally walks up to you, you can give her the ring and ask her the pious question.
  5. Order a customised jigsaw puzzle. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, sit for a board game with your partner in bed with hot coffee and play the game. After hours of matching up those pieces, your partner will be able to read the customised puzzle and a smile will light up on their face.
  6. Take her for shopping. You can ask the question right inside the jewellery store and buy her the right ring of her size.
  7. Ask your partner’s friends to join you. You can plan a party with them and plan a proposal along with his/her childhood best friends will make this party very special.
  8. Create a video and post it on his/her Facebook wall. This is bound to get viral for the very right reasons.
  9. You can hire a dove and tie the ring and a message ‘Marry Me!’ on the neck and when your partner reads it; it will be romantic and passionate as doves are symbolic of love.
  10. Plan a vacation someplace far and romantic and you can have the proposal of a lifetime on a foreign country. You can even get married and get over with your honeymoon as well while you are on vacation.
  11. You can even plan to propose via airplane speaker. Make some arrangements with the flight attendant to make your proposal very spontaneous and romantic.
  12. While you are on a vacation, you can write the words ‘Marry me’ in the sand and place a ring above a flag with a note ‘be mine forever’.
  13. While you are at the beach, you can make a sandcastle with your partner and place the ring on top of the fortress and speak ‘Be my Queen’. This is bound to be romantic and adorable at the same time.
  14. You can even make arrangements with your hotel manager to set the room ready for a very romantic appearance with candles, dinner and roses. After a day of sightseeing you can enter the room of love haven and pop the question.
  15. You can even go street style and write the question across the street in front of her house.
  16. You can paste glow in the dark stickers on the roof in the shape of letters and when your partner switches off the light for bedtime and voila! He/she is bound to be surprised on a whole new level.
  17. Get down on your knee while she is sleeping and the first thing she will see is you and the ring.
  18. Keep the ring inside the purse of your partner which will surprise him/her immediately when going through the bag.
  19. Tie a ribbon on a little box and keep a key inside the box with a note written ‘You hold the key to my heart’. And lead the way into opening another box which will have the ring inside.
  20. Play his/her favourite songs on the radio and propose on national radio while you are lying next to her. This will be very romantic as it is old fashioned.

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