20 Facts about the man behind biggest social media platform

We all know the man behind Facebook, he is none other than the youth sensation Mr Mark Zuckerberg. It is rightly said, you can see what it was shown and you do not know the insides of every story. We are here to tell you some crazy and weird facts about the one and only man that made it this big to have the biggest social media platform in his hands. Let us take a look at the facts that will make you stunned about this man:

  1. His name is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and he was born to a well-educated family in White Plains in New York.
  2. Mark’s parents gifted him a book on C++ for DUMMIES that was the time when he developed his interest in programming.
  3. When Mark was in his high school he got the offer for jobs. Companies like Microsoft and AOL wanted to recruit him because they were really impressed by the program that he built that was called “Synapse”.
  4. Facebook has three co- founders and Mark is one of them. He was also accused of cheating his friends and taking up the entire credit on his name.
  5. He is the youngest person who started from scratch and became a billionaire.
  6. The most interesting fact that you would like to know about Mark Zuckerberg is that he is red-green blind. He cannot see these colours and can you guess the colour which he can see well? It is blue. This is the reason why the Facebook platform is all blue themed and the background is dominated by colour blue.
  7. Mark wears the same Facebook T-shirt of gray colour almost every day because he is such a busy person and he feels that this saves him ample time.
  8. You will be astonished to know that Mark met his wife Priscilla Chan when he was standing in the queue for a toilet in a party in his college.
  9. He rarely tweets as in past six years he has only sent 19 tweets but his followers are around 3 million.
  10. He has signed a pledge according to which he will have to donate around half of his entire wealth to charity. This is Giving Pledge and he signed it in 2010.
  11. Zuckerberg doesn’t have a TV.
  12. Mark believes his Acura TSX to be ostentatious, comfortable and safe.
  13. He pays himself the amount of 1$ as he is the CEO of the company.
  14. He is multilingual and it is amazing that he can even write and speak in four different languages which are Latin, Ancient Greek, French and Hebrew.
  15. Also, Mark began learning a new language, Chinese; after he got married so that he could easily communicate with his wife and her family in Chinese.
  16. At the age of 12 Mark Zuckerberg had created a programme that was called Zacknet and this was used by his father in his office to communicate with his assistant so that it would be easy for him to call for his patients as his father was a dentist and because of this a lot of works got managed in his office.
  17. He became a computer graduate before he passed out high school. He took the degree in Mercy College which was near his school. This made him stand out from the rest students. As if this wasn’t enough, his parents had hired a computer tutor for him after seeing the interest he had in computers. His tutor said that he is a prodigy as he was brighter than children of his age.
  18. He had begun attending Harvard University after he graduated from sophomore but then he dropped his studies in the middle to work on Facebook.
  19. Zuckerberg launched Facebook for the first time from his dormitory of college.
  20. Mark owns a sheep dog whose name is Beast and you will be astonished to know that Beast has around 2 million followers on his Facebook page.

Image Credits: “SXSW Mark Zuckerberg Keynote -” by Brian Solis is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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