20 Foods to Boost your Testosterone Levels

There are a bunch of supplements out in the market which are proven to be effective for increasing the testosterone levels in men before workouts. There are healthy foods as well which can serve the same which you need to include in your everyday meal plan.

20 great foods which are easy to find and can be used to naturally boost testosterone levels:

  1. Brussel Sprouts: If you are searching for the best vegetable as a side dish for boosting testosterone levels, choose Brussel Sprouts. This veggie is incredibly healthy and effective.
  2. Chocolate: Not chocolate cakes and cookies, but raw chocolate can be very effective in increasing your testosterone levels. When it comes to creating more testosterone, raw chocolate contains effective ingredients which can help.
  3. Olive Oil: Everyone loves eating fried or oil in their food for cooking or seasoning their salads. If you are going for the healthiest oil, you must always choose virgin olive oil.
  4. Coconut Oil: Different Studies have shown that coconut oil helps rapidly to boost the testosterone levels even more than the Olive Oil, but the way in which it increases is totally different.
  5. Watermelon: This is the perfect snack after a workout as it helps in rehydrating and increasing testosterone levels. It contains a compound named citrulline which increases blood flow too.
  6. Spinach: Everyone has seen the cartoon as a kid Popeye the Sailor Man. The cartoon does not show anything wrong, Spinach actually is very healthy for your body.
  7. Salt: A high-quality crystal salt and sea salt can definitely help you a lot in boosting your testosterone levels. High-quality salt has over 50 different minerals which can help boost greatly.
  8. Nettle Roots: Eating nettle roots can help remove the excess estrogen from your body and increase the levels of testosterone greatly.
  9. Brazil Nuts: These nuts contain a high amount of selenium and zinc. These both are essential in the process of increasing the testosterone levels in one’s body.
  10. Asparagus: Here is another green vegetable which many people do not like eating, but you should appreciate it today as it is one of the food which increases testosterone.
  11. Chia Seeds: There are many advantages of eating Chia Seeds after your workout, out of them one of the benefits is increasing the testosterone levels. It also helps to cut down excess fat deposits.
  12. Citrus Fruits: There are many citrus fruits available which contains high levels of Vitamin C. This will help you lower your stress levels which is one of the reasons for decreased testosterone.
  13. Broccoli: Picking one green vegetable among the others which works better it will definitely be Broccoli. It can be a perfect side dish and also serves many benefits.
  14. Oysters: Oysters are not liked by most of the people for its acquired taste, but are considered one of the most effective seafood for increasing testosterone levels.
  15. Celery: Celery contains two very effective and powerful androgens which help to accelerate the rate of creating testosterone. Even a small amount of celery each day has been proved effective.
  16. Pomegranate: This is a bit exotic fruit which not only boosts the levels of testosterone but also improves the motility and quality of your sperm. It regularly increases around 20% in levels.
  17. Mangosteen: Mangosteen has very powerful and significant anti-estrogen effects when taken in. These anti-estrogen compounds are very great for people to get lean muscles.
  18. Kelp: This also helps in reducing the process of estrogen which is being produced in your body. And as mentioned above higher testosterone levels can be attained with lower estrogen.
  19. Parsley: Many studies have shown that Parsley contains an essential flavonoid which is also known as apigening. It helps to naturally increase the testosterone levels.
  20. Cayenne Pepper: For making your food healthy as well as spicy, you can choose Cayenne pepper for that. It helps in increasing the metabolism rate and also your testosterone levels.

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