20 foods & drinks that can lead to body odor

It should come to no surprise that you are what you eat, but surely some of the food you eat leads to body odour as some of the nutrients go into your bloodstream causing sweat to come out your pores which has a significant effect on what you smell like. This is the reason why you smell even if you don’t go out anywhere or do exercise, sitting at home. Here are some of the many foods that make you smell:

Alcohol – It’s not unusual for you to smell bad after you drink too much unless you like to drink in moderation, the alcohol before leaving the system, goes into your bloodstream, seeping out through the pores leading to odour. To avoid this make sure you intake a lot of water to dilute the alcohol in your body which can significantly improve the smell.

Coffee – Coffee, your beloved morning friend, when taken activates the nervous system, which puts the sweat glands to work which, you guessed it, leads to body odour.

Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower – Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage are what you call cruciferous vegetables and even though these vegetables are insisted on eating, which you should, have a sulphur content in them that is absorbed by the body and hence later comes out through sweat. But you should not consider avoiding them, but instead boil them a lot with salt so that the odour causing chemicals are properly processed, which makes them easier to intake without a lot of odour.

Beetroot – While this vegetable is high in nutrients and also on methyl, the methyl in this vegetable is broken down while it is being digested which is later released by sweat which gives out a “fishy” smell.

Cumin/Curry – While the spices like these can make your taste buds go oomph, they can take up space in your pores which can, unfortunately, last sometime.

Cheese, Butter, The lipids from these dairy products, when secreted from sweat, give out odour when digested by the existing bacteria on your skin.

Oatmeal, Avocado, Artichokes, Whole-wheat Pasta – These foods with fibre may make you not feel hungry and keep your spirits high but working out with excess fibre will make you stench and even make you feel bloated.

Fish and other seafood – This depends from person to person but eating seafood is not good for some people as some cannot break down the protein in seafood properly leaving your breath and sweat smelly.

Fenugreek/Methi – Fenugreek, that is used in many foods, has an aromatic compound that is hard to break down and leads to the stench in your sweat.

Garlic – Another one that is commonly used in food, garlic contains allicin which contains allin and is easily digested and later mixed on the skin by bacteria causing bad smelling odour.

High sugar food/Junk food – These foods can really mess up with your metabolism and cause bad effect on your blood makeup also take upon bacteria causing bad body odour.

Lentils – Lentils are fibre containing but also heavy on intestine and hence after going in the bloodstream cause a bad smell. But their intake should not be halted because they are healthy and help your digestive system.

Red Meat – Red meat is hard to digest and causes a lot of unwanted sweat in the process. Since it puts a lot of pressure in your intestines it’s harder to digest.

Spicy Food – You all must be familiar with the one common thing in all spicy food, they cause you to sweat a lot, even though some don’t stench, some do.

There is a lot of foods that make you smell bad and while some make you stench bad, it’s not advisable to stop consuming them altogether. But when you do, make sure that you know how to counter if not all but some of them. Make sure to drink a lot of water as it helps a lot. Body odour is a natural body process, it’s good to know how to tackle it.

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