15+ Bodyweight control exercises for Men and Women

The heavy body does not seem to be a sign of good health as well as is doesn’t look nice. It also has many side effects on our health and well-being. Many people go to the Gym or buy a fancy gadget to make the body fit and fine. No doubt a regular workout is compulsory for us.

Are you really worried about your body weight? Do you want to control it? You will be surprised to read that you have no need to go to the gym to kill your body weight. Here are some tips which are beneficial and economical too.

Tips to Control the Bodyweight for Men and Women.

  1. Skipping Rope: One of the most popular methods to burn fat. It is the most effective than running. Skipping rope will build liveliness, quickness, bone density and boost intellectual function of the brain. Skipping rope can burn 1074 calories per hour!
  2. Taekwondo: A Korean martial art, used in South Korean military training for soldiers. It includes dynamic punching, kicking drills, stretches and core-strengthening exercises. It helps to build stamina and strength for your active movements. Burn 937 calories Per hour by doing Taekwondo.
  3. Tabata Workout: It is a mixture between CrossFit and circuit training. A high- intensity workout protocol results in fitness and weight loss. You need to perform this exercise for 20 seconds, don’t forget it requires intense training. After doing it for 20 seconds, you need to take rest for 10 seconds. This process will be repeated 8 times. The complete exercise can burn 900 calories per hour.
  4. Vigorous Swimming: Exercise without sweat and reduce the body fat. Swimming has many benefits.
  • Improve your muscle definition and strength
  • Builds up your bone mass
  • It reduces inflammation
  • Improves your exercise-induced asthma
  • Minimize stress and nervousness
  • Makes you a smarter person
  • Burn 892 calories per hour
  1. Skiing: Lose weight, refresh your mood and relieve stress by doing skiing. It increases your heart rate and cut the body fat. It gives you an opportunity to connect with nature, improves cardiovascular endurance and health. It can burn 850 calories per hour.
  2. Climbing Upstairs: Very common exercise burns 819 calories per hour. When you climb stairs you have to work against the gravity. As a climber, you need strength and power to go upstairs. It results to lose weight and fastens your heart and lungs.
  3. Rowing: Rower is the best machine to do efficient exercise. By rowing, you will do a full workout and burn 810 calories per hour. It also improves your cardiovascular fitness and rowing machines are available at a cheap price.
  4. Do Kickboxing: Kickboxing increases flexibility, higher muscular endurance, muscular balance and whole body toning exercise. Burn 769 calories per hour by doing kickboxing.
  5. Play Basketball: No matter if you are not a good player, by playing basketball you will burn 728 calories per hour. You will be surprised to know that Former President of America Mr. Barack Obama plays basketball for fitness. It increases your immune system, mental development, and confidence.
  6. Rollerblading: To stay healthy, control weight and keep yourself motivated. The most interesting fact of this exercise is you can catch the sunshine and get vitamin D. Calories burn rate is 683 per hour by this exercise.
  7. Aerobics: This is the modern way of exercise you both feet may be off the ground at a point of time. Remember if you have joint problems avoid this exercise. The total number of calories burnt is 664 per hour.
  8. Running and Jogging: Very simple it requires no learning, in order to higher the fitness, metabolic rate and endurance. It is suggested do the jogging slowly as it is hard to your knees. It is good for the brain, immune system, building muscles and bones. Calories rate of burning is 555 per hour.
  9. Riding Bicycle: Best cardiovascular workout, keeps you younger, increase your brain power and weight loss. Enjoy cycling and burn 508 calories per hour.
  10. Weightlifting: By weight lifting, you can burn 455 calories per hour. It reduces the risk of diabetes, increases your heart’s health and fights depression. The most interesting fact about this exercise is it continues to burn fat for up to 48 hours after doing weight lifting.
  11. Low Effect Aerobics: A better way to pump your heart and burn 399 calories per hour. Only 20 minutes session few times a week will kill your unwanted weight.
  12. Enjoy Dance: Do you know how to dance? If your answer is yes then you can burn 370 calories per hour by dancing. It will improve your mood, kills stress and raise your heartbeat.
  13. Yoga: Yoga is number one activity to control the weight. It is good for your overall health. It improves flexibility, muscle strength, bone health, lowers blood sugar and boosts immunity. You can burn 364 calories per hour.
  14. Go out for Walk: By walking you can burn 167 calories per hour. It increases your blood circulation, fastens bones, refreshes mood, strengthens muscles and improves your breath.
  15. Brisk Walk: A Brisk can burn 391 calories per hour. You need to walk 15 to 16 minutes per mile.

The above workouts are good for to kill the body fat. Before following anyone of them you must check with your physician. Then you can adopt one or more exercises on a regular basis to burn your calories. We wish you all the best to kill the body fat!







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