20 Situations Where Every Boyfriend Lies to his Girlfriend

It has always been said that a person should never lie to his/her other half. A relationship is totally based on the genuine feelings for each other. The partners should share all the traits, good or bad things about themselves with their loved ones. But sometimes there are some lies that are totally liable and can be ignored which actually doesn’t cause harm to anyone.

Here we are going to talk about some situations where the boyfriends lie to their girlfriends

  1. Girls literary hates it when their boyfriend is not punctual; they want their boyfriend to be perfect from others. So to skip from the loud shout of their girlfriends, boys do sometimes tell lies about their whereabouts and comes up with any reasons.
  2. It is totally evident that not all girls are a good driver, and we really feel terrified when one does so. The guys here play their role of being the perfect boyfriend and by accepting her in capability for driving and still give them the car keys.
  3. The guy sometimes fake about their penis size when it comes to confronting their girls on the bed. They make their girl believe that their boyfriend is an expert on the bed.
  4. The boys always have this question running in their mind about why they should treat their girlfriend’s mom as their own mom, and seriously believe me they fake their appearance when they come face to face with their future mother in law.
  5. If your boy is not a genuine one he will surely turn off the preview text, just in case his other girlfriends texts while he is with you.
  6. Boys usually try to avoid the situation of getting caught with a girl by saying she’s just a friend, and has nothing to do with her.
  7. Girls are very, much obsessed about their weight, if your boyfriend is perfect then he will surely lie about your weight even if you are fast enough to not enter an elevator.
  8. It’s every boyfriend‘s duty to admire his girlfriends dressing sense even if it is very much horrible to even see through their eyes.
  9. A talented boyfriend will always act as listening to her boring stories, with a sudden question that will make her talk even more.
  10. Though being in a relation, boys do check out other girls, but when their girls catch them, they just ignore it by saying they were looking at something else.
  11. There are certain likes and dislikes that do not match with the partners who are committed. It’s the boyfriends call to accept her likes as his likes even if he feels suffocated.
  12. Shopping with girls is a hectic task for the boys, they don’t like it to roam around the ladies dress section, but they lie of having a blast with them.
  13. It’s impossible fo a guy to look at his girlfriends’ sister as his own sister, having a bad boyfriend and a sweet sister is something which’s very risky to go
  14. The worst person the boyfriend has to go through is their girlfriend’s brother; a  guy is lying if he says he has a good rapport with his girlfriend’s brother.
  15. A boyfriend always has to woo his girlfriend everyday no matter how bad she looks this morning.
  16. If your boyfriend says he loves spending time with your parents, 95 % of the time it turns out to be a lie.
  17. There are some irritating games which the girls like playing every time, but if her boyfriend is also playing with her, then that’s totally a myth.
  18. A boyfriend should never judge her girl, at least not with her weight and her makeup skills.
  19. Art is something which is very much complicated for boys, but he has to act as if he is very much interested in it just to spend time with his love.
  20. A boyfriend and the girlfriend’s relation is like cat and mouse they can never get along but it this happens, he is lying.

 These things are mainly done by the boys to their girlfriends to avoid a certain situation. Those small lies may irritate the girls but it’s worth it to just pass by the situation easily rather than fighting for such small things.


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