20 Things You Did Not Know About Fingerprint

The impression of the rough surface of the human finger is called fingerprints. The impression of fines line is created by the friction edges of any human finger is known as a fingerprint. However, there are many unique facts about fingerprint that are unknown to many people. Some of these facts are stated below.

It helps in grabbing any object or writing anything 

The fine line on the finger which looks like spirals and loops actually helps in grabbing any object as well as it also helps in writing and painting. Without those fine lines, one cannot grab or write anything.

It starts forming in early life 

The fine lines and the rough edges on the finger start forming when a child is inside the mother’s womb.

The impression of the finger

Human fingers do have sweat glands. They excrete sweats, oil as well as salt through the minute holes on the surface of the finger. If anyone touches anything other than the object which would absorb all the sweats and oil will leave an impression because of the rough surface of the finger.

Fingerprints are unique

Like the retinal or tongue print, fingerprints are also unique. They cannot be forged. Some scientist collects different types of fingerprint and then they compare and group them according to their similarities.

It is the outcome of struggle

Skin has numerous layers and each of them has a sub-layer. It is said that the fingerprints are the outcome of the struggle because a growing fetus continuously keep stretching and straining and due to this struggle these prints are formed. The scientist also says that the reason behind the formation of fingerprints is that the skin and the epidermis has a different rate of growth.

It is not necessary to have fingerprints

There are three genetic conditions because of which one can never have fingerprints. Three of them are NFJS, DPR and Adermatoglyphia. NFJS and DPR can do much more damage than smoothing the skin surface. Adermatoglyphia has only one indicator and that is no fingerprints. Sometimes it becomes troublesome in the case of immigration for those who do not have finger print.

Analysis need not be perfect

This is not necessary that the analysis of two fingerprints will always be perfect. The experts always try to match the maximum possible parts between two prints.

Fingerprints are long lasting 

Even after death, the fine line on the surface of a finger stays. Sometimes it becomes very helpful for recognizing a body.

One can lose fingerprints

It is possible to lose fingerprints. If anyone is doing any rough physical work he might lose his prints on his fingers. Another possibility is if anyone is in taking chemotherapy drugs, he would possibly lose his fingerprints. But one can get his prints back if the tissues are not permanently damaged.

Fingerprint factory

During World War II FBI collected more than 71 million of prints. To control the information they had to move to the big warehouse. That warehouse was given a nickname that is “fingerprint Factory”.

Koala fingerprints

The koalas have rough edges on the surface on their finger which leaves fingerprints that just looks almost like a human fingerprint. This is a funny fact that if a Koala commits suicide then a human might be held responsible for that. But however, there is a difference between human and Koala’s fingerprints that Koalas do have two thumbs in one hand.

It helps in catching criminal

Fingerprints have been used as an identity. This is very helpful in case of tracking the criminal.

Most frequently used evidence

Fingerprints are the most common forensic evidence that is used over last 100 years.

The fingerprint of a Defense Minister

The hacker who cracked the apple’s fingerprint verification was successful in reconstructing the fingerprint of Defense Minister of German from just a photograph.

Identification of deceased/unconscious people

Identification of any dead/unconscious people can be done by analyzing the fingerprints.

Livescan devices

Modern technology made it possible to protect important information by fingerprint analysis.

Usage of drug

It can be easily determined by the sweat which contains various leftover chemical of the body

Fingerprints Talent capture

Many are not aware of the fact that it reveals many things untold – many can understand the hidden talent.

It helps in brain mapping

It helps in mapping brain of the individuals as this would bring in the IQ and other quotients of an individual.

Know yourself 

The past and the future with mental setup can be judged with the help of this fingerprint.

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