20+ ways to reduce body fat faster than normal

Trim the fat – Look Happy and Stay Healthy

Obesity is a worldwide problem now. The way of present lifestyle contributes to this problem. Being over-weight is extremely unhealthy so you should take measures to reduce your weight to remain fit, healthy and happy.

20+ effective ways to burn fat faster includes

Exercises that reduce body fat faster and effectively

  1. Aerobic exercises must be included in your routine.
  2. You should do at least 30-40 minutes of cardio training to reduce the fat. Cardio exercises like cycling, cross trainer, walking, jogging, swimming must be included. These exercises can be done alternatively.
  3. Interval training helps to reduce more weight as compared to maintaining a constant pace. It develops muscle and reduces the body fat.
  4. This must be followed by a yoga class and activities like sprints and jogging must be included.
  5. Core strength training exercises are very effective to reduce weight.
  6. Exercises like abdominal crunches help to tone your waistline and also makes it slim.
  7. You must do a plank every day, start with normal plank then try ball plank and side plank too. It helps to improve core muscles as well as reduce your abdominal fat.
  8. Try to increase your lifestyle activity.
  9. Count your footsteps and it should cross 10000 every day.
  10. For beginners trying to lose weight exercises like kettlebell deadlift, kettlebell swing etc. can be done.
  11. Workouts concerning kettlebells reliefs to lose weight quite quickly. It works on joints and encompasses more strength thus the calories lose very fast and finally your bulk too.

Change your food habits

Weight loss is a balance between exercise and eating. If you are removing your calories through exercise do not let it enter through foods. Choose your foods wisely.


  • Calorie-rich nutrients must be circumvented. Such nutrients comprise of fried foods, fats like butter and ghee.


  • A big no to starving. You should not skip your breakfast. It will not lead to weight loss rather you might gain syndromes like anorexia or bulimia nervosa.
  • One can take proper help from the experts available. This would surely help in reducing weights.


  • One can well find that sparkling gushy drinks are very high in calorie and often tend to get gathered around stomach area finally making the look comfortable. It contains harmful fat, additives or even preservatives that tend to surge your weight.


  • Carbohydrate-rich nutriments must be swapped via non-starchy spuds and proteins. Contain whole particle products that high in proteins and fiber.
  • Go for fruits that contain less sugar like berries.


  • Meat is the good underpinning of protein, thus it must be consumed by all.
  • Avoidbacon, red meat as they encompass drenched fatty acids that increases lipid and has many bad effects.
  • Choose products like chicken, fish, and turkey, tuna, salmon. Fish is much good source of phosphorous and protein.
  • Egg white is the source of protein too. These comprise of healthy fat that helps to diminish abdomen fats.

Overall Habit

  • Eat in a smaller plate. You will eat less and stick to your diet. Have small servings each time. Instead of 3 meals have 6 meals. This way you will stay full and maintain the diet too.

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