30 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger or popularly known as the terminator is an Austrian origin American actor who played the lead role of the Terminator in the Terminator franchise. He is a former body builder, producer, and director. Here are 30 unknown facts about Arnold Schwarzenegger –

  1. Arnold was born on 30 July 1947 to Gustav and Aurelia in Austria.
  2. Arnold’s Father had doubts about Arnold about being his biological son and so he preferred Arnold’s elder brother Meinhard more.
  3. He refused to attend his elder brother’s funeral who died in a car accident as well as his father’s funeral who died of stroke stating child abuse as the reason for his decision.
  4. Arnold, by 22 was a self-made millionaire, after which he appeared in his first movie.
  5. He had a good relationship with his mother who died some years later after his father’s death.
  6. He took care of his brother’s son and raised him until he helped him to immigrate to America.
  7. Arnold’s girlfriend Barbara Baker reported Arnold being emotionless after his father’s death and not speaking a word about his brother
  8. Arnold started bodybuilding at the age of 15 when his soccer coach took him to a gym, this was where Arnold chose bodybuilding over soccer.
  9. As he had started developing an interest in body building and had posters of oiled bodies of bodybuilders in his room which made his parents think that he was turning gay.
  10. After moving to America in 1968 Arnold with his friend started a bricklaying business which was a hit due to an earthquake which had occurred recently.
  11. Arnold started selling Body building equipment from the profit they earned by selling bricks.
  12. In the early days of his acting career was told that his body was too weird to be filmed.
  13. He was constantly told to change his name as it was too long and hard to pronounce.
  14. Having a very good body it was hard to find a body double for Arnold to do the stunts for him and therefore he had to do his stunts all by himself till they found suitable doubles.
  15. Arnold married the niece of President John F. Kennedy, who was a journalist named Maria Shriver.
  16. He was stripped off the Austrian citizenship due to his support for a death penalty.
  17. Arnold has won the most number total as of 13 Bodybuilding events in history.
  18. During the shooting of the Terminator Arnold practiced using guns for the whole shooting period until he was able to reload and shoot without looking at the guns.
  19. Arnold was Denied to dub in his own voice for the German version of the film as his Austrian accent wasn’t good enough.
  20. Arnold denied accepting his salary as of California’s governor as he considered he already had enough wealth from his acting career.
  21. He was given a whopping sum of $21,429 for every word spoken by him in the Terminator franchise.
  22. The ‘Schwarzenegger’ in Arnold’s name stands for ‘dark harrower of the fields’ when translated into German.
  23. Arnold considered John Wayne as his childhood idol.
  24. He was one of the first investors in the hotel ‘Planet Hollywood‘ situated in Las Vegas.
  25. In 1967 Arnold won the title of Mr. Universe for the first time at the age of 20 after which he went on to win the title for 3 more times.
  26. The Kindergarten Cop” is Arnold’s personal favorite movie.
  27. Schwarzenegger once went under Genioplasty to get his jaw fixed so that it no longer jots out.
  28. He is the first private citizen of America who owns a Humvee which he later on modified to run on hydrogen.
  29. Arnold has a net estimated worth of 100$ – 200$ million.
  30. He holds citizenship of both U.S.A and Austria. After becoming a citizen of U.S.A he requested Austrian government to retain hi citizenship.


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