5 Inspirational Women Breaking the Stereotypes Despite All Odds

Flaws do not make you weak but signify that you are different and completely awesome. While society does not easily accept individuals who live, think or look different, it takes great courage to break the stereotypes and emerge out as an example and inspiration for others.   After conducting deep research, we have come up with our own list of 5 inspirational women who are breaking the stereotypes despite all the odds.  Let’s know how.

Melanie Gaydos

Melanie Gaydos, 27, is a brave woman with ectodermal dysplasia- a genetic disorder that affects the growth of bones, teeth, nails, cartilage, and pores.  She has not let their condition come on the path of success but has forged a successful career as a model.  She was born with ectodermal dysplasia and is bald and has no adult teeth. She refused to wear dental implants because she finds them too uncomfortable.  She started her career by responding to the Craigslist ads searching for ‘unique models’. She built up a small portfolio and was given an opportunity to be cast by famous Spanish photographer Eugenio Recuenco.

Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam Kaur is the youngest woman in the world to hold Guinness World Records of growing a full beard approximately six-inch long. Ms Kaur has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome- a condition that results in excessive facial growth. She is also the first female with a beard to walk the runway at London Fashion Week in March 2016. Accepting the fact that she was bullied in her adolescent years for her facial hair, she has grown up to accept embrace and flaunt her beard. In one of the Instagram posts, she shared how she was stopped from having a social life and was bullied to the point of self-harm or suicide.  But despite the odds, she believes that it is a blessing to be different and how your survival makes you stronger each day.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is a plus size model who has shaken the fashion industry with her own idea or beauty. She is also referred to as body-positive icon. She has her own idea of beauty and believes that being fat is an emotion and it cannot be felt. Ashley Graham is a successful plus size model inspiring all the curvy women all around the world to be happy with themselves and dream big. She has appeared in a number of magazines and campaigns.

Kanya Sesser

Kanya Sesser, 23 is a beautiful lingerie model without lower limbs. She was born without legs and was adopted from an orphanage in Thailand. Kanya is breaking through all the boundaries of the modeling by posing in bras and underwear that beautifully shows her disability. She was abandoned on the steps of a temple in Thailand and was adopted at the age of 5. She strongly believes that she is different and she does not need legs to feel sexy. This beauty has modeled for leading brands.

Lolita- The Black Hannah Montanna

Also known by the names ‘Charcoal Beauty’ or ‘Melanin Goddess’, Lolita is surely an inspiration for dark skinned beauties. Lolita is an African American model known for her stunning dark features.  She proudly calls herself as Black Barbie. Lolita started her modeling career on Instagram and quickly took over the world with her rich dark skin and beautiful eyes. She has proved no matter how you look, your individuality can shine.

Being different is unique or being unique is different. Both the ways, change comes as an inspiration to the others. As we mentioned before that it takes great courage to convince yourself, gather all your determination, fight against the norms to stand up and set an example to the world. These beautifully different inspirational women have enlightened our lives with their unique experiences and have given a message to accept and love yourself first if you want to be loved.



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