5 Signs That You Are Over stressed

Stress is something that is just not good for our physical as well as mental health. There can be so many reasons like exhausting work schedule, overthinking, pessimism that can cause stress. We are so busy in our work life that we don’t even care about this major menace. Nowadays this problem can be seen in most of the people.Stressing can be responsible for major health problems like depression.Overstressing can even make you feel sad for no reason.So if you are still unaware of this problem, we will tell you 5 signs that show you are Overstressed.

Anxiety and Anger

When you start overthinking about a certain problem, you’re over stressed. Yes, anxiety is a sign of stress and as you know if you do anything in excess it is going to harm you. Another one is anger. If you are over stressed you will feel angry all the time without any reason. Try not to think so deeply about anything. You can do some relaxing exercises like Yoga to overcome this problem. Stress has the power to put you into depression. So it would be better if we know already know some signs of this painful problem.

Negative Thoughts

No matter what, you start thinking negatively about everything. It’s like you’re bound to think like that. No matter how hard you try but you can’t control about thinking negatively. All of this happens when you are over stressed. Try to avoid negative thoughts and keep yourself surrounded by people who are full of positivity.

Problem in Sleeping & Eating

Overstressing can cause the problem in your sleeping habit. Insomnia is a common problem these days but, some people take it not so seriously that they don’t even find out that it can be because of overstressing. It’s very important for us to have a sound sleep but overstressing can cause the problem in our sleeping. If you feel sudden rise or fall in your food habits then this can be because of stress. Yes, overstressing can create problems in our eating habits. It can make you eat either more than what you eat normally or less. All these are the signs that you are over stressed. If you see these signs, it would be better that you concern a doctor who will help you tackle this problem.

Increase in Heart Rate

Another sign is that your heart rate suddenly increases than normal. If you find out any sudden increase in your heart rate for no reason, you can say that it’s happening because you’re over stressed. Sometimes you can face the problem in sitting still as well. If you’re unable to sit calmly for a longer time then it is a matter of worry. It’s essential to tackle this problem. Try to calm yourself by indulging in some yoga and meditation. Yoga is actually the answer to many problems.

Mood Swings

Do you ever feel frequent shifts in your mood? The reason behind this can be that you are over stressed. Though mood swings can be normal, but if you’re facing it every day then it can be probably because of overstressing.

So, these are the signs that show you’re over stressed. Stress can be a bigger problem but it’s not bigger than your determination to fight back. There’s is so much that we can do to solve this menace. Surround yourself with positive thinkers and indulge yourself in meditation & yoga.

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