6 Lip shades every girl must own

There are many times when your lips do the work. Girls are crazy about their lip to make up. Today no one just goes about wearing just a lip balm; they try to look as trendier as they can. Starting from smoked lips to nude lips there are a variety of shades available in the market from which a girl can choose from. Whether you wear heavy makeup or not it is necessary to have your lips get shaded up. Girls know that having a perfect lip & wearing a perfect shade matching it gives your face a different glow. Here are 6 lip shades every girl must own.

  1. Red Hot – The Red shade is the most beautiful as well as a bold shade that has been an integral part of many girls make up kit from times immemorial. Wearing a red shade makes your lips even more beautiful as well as adds up to the glamour. Mostly this shade suits everyone who wears it. Nowadays Matte shades are doing wonders, one can surely go for Matte red or Russian Red. Be sure you’ll catch quite a number of eyes in the crowd
  2. Pink – Yes all of us will agree that pink is quite a girly shade. But it is quite a pretty & sober color that suits any girl who’s confused to wear a shade with her pretty floral dress. There are few different shades of pink available in the market from fuchsia pink to baby pink; you can choose your shade from Matte or Satin.
  3. Wine – Many of us till now feel a bit skeptical about wearing a dark shade but trust me it would look great on you. Berry/Plum/Wine shades of lipstick just look quite bold & give you a different look altogether. And those who love dark shades I’m sure they are quite crazy about such shades.
  4. Nude – Nowadays girls are following a trend of wearing the nude shade. It suits everyone because of its natural look & matches perfectly with your skin tone. A light shade of the nude will go with light skin tone whereas if you have dark skin tone then there are darker nude shades also available.
  5. Tangy Orange – Orange too can be considered as a girly color but it is much of a bolder shade than that of pink. Want to wear funky & cool shades for the gathering? Then this shade of lipstick is just the perfect for you. Starting from a light shade of tangerine to dark neon shade you got a long range to choose from.
  6. Black – Now here comes the black beauty shade of lipstick. There will be very few girls who would go for this particular shade. But the ones who will be wearing this particular shade are sure to look bold. Black shades leave a kind of edgy look. So go ahead & try it once!

Thus those were 6 shades of lipsticks that every girl must keep handy. Girls can choose from a large variety of shades of lipstick available in the market nowadays. So next time before your step out for an occasion grab on your favorite shade & look bold & beautiful!

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