6 Questions every parent ask his children

Once you enter the phase of parenthood it is altogether a blissful phase. But now-days both the parents are working & don’t get enough time to interact with their children. Still, all will agree that child/children are a small mysterious box, whenever they open up they surprise you with their answers. You can hardly figure out what is going on their mind, you can not keep up with their imagination too! So when parents get some free time, sit around with your children & ask them these 6 questions & see what they come up with.

Do you have any best friend?

Well, this is one of the most common questions asked by every parent to their children. Whenever children are asked this question, especially the small ones come up with the names of almost every girl/boy they study or play with. This is because they are very innocent they tend to make friends very fast & consider every other kid their ‘best friend’. So parents next time you ask them this question, try to keep up with the number of names of their best friends!

What did you learn in school today?

The old question isn’t it! In fact, when parents were kids they too were asked the same question. Well, the moment you ask this question the reaction is always mixed. Some would plainly say what was taught in class, while some would just say ‘today teacher did not teach anything in the classes & other would flood their parents with every minute detail of what happened from the 1st period to the last period.

If you’d superpower then what would you do? 

The moment you ask this question to your kid you will come to know about a part of their ‘world of imagination’! They would come up with such answers that will probably startle their parents because by merely looking at them one cannot understand what is going on in their minds. Some would say that they want to cure all sick people on the earth, some would say that they want to build a chocolate house, some would say they would want to go to the moon & see how it is up there

Who loves you more Mom or Dad?  

This question is not only asked by parents themselves but also by other relatives to the children. It is not that the person the child mentions is being loved by him/her & the other parent isn’t. It simply means that one of the parents has gained a bit of preference in the child’s heart, but it is equally true that the child loves both his/her parents dearly, for him/her both are special.

Have you done this?

And here is the question of the day! The question that is being asked by the parents when something is misplaced or done in the house. Like when mom finds out that the custard kept in the freezer has vanished but the bowl is still there! Or when cookie jar’s lid is half open! Parents very well know that these things are done by their kid but they still ask them this question so that they confess it on their own. Because somewhere I show that how truthful the child is.

What do you want to become once you grow up?

parents at times want to know what their child/children aspire to be once they grow up so they tend to ask this question quite a few times to their child/children. Once parents ask this question to their kids, the kids come up with unique aspirations like someone to go to the moon, someone to be a boxer, some a teacher, some a footballer, some a scientist & the list goes on.

Those are some of the very basic questions that every other parent in the world asks their kids at least once in their life. These are not the serious question but they do help the parents a lot to interact with their kids!

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