6 Things boys should never do on a date

So guys out there are you going for your first date? Well, it is pretty sure that if this is your first date you ought to be bit nervous, isn’t it? Well don’t be nervous & just keep in mind that you do not do these 6 things on your date because as they say, ‘ the first impression is the last impression’

  1. No Insisting – Boys may think it to be quite ‘gentlemanly’ to go & pick up his date on a special day. But boys here is one thing you should always keep in mind that they do not keep insisting to go & pick her up, it may turn her down thus making her feel that you are pushing yourself way too much. If on asking she says that she would go herself to the place/restaurant then do not keep harping on the same old topic
  2. Don’t be Mr. ‘Late Kate’ – This is an absolute ‘Don’t’ option on your first date. Do not dare to appear late even on your first date with her. Girls hate to be kept waiting for long. Always try to be on time, but also let her know if you are tied up in some urgent work or in traffic. She would prefer being informed early about the reason of you being late rather than being kept waiting for a long time.
  3. No need for Recalling of the Past – This is the most common mistake that every third boy tend to do on their first date i.e. asking about the girl’s ex-boyfriend. It is much advisable that it would be much better if you don’t ask her about her ex or keep bragging about your ex. If she feels like she will open up to you on her own. Once you start asking her about her past or telling about your own the conversation gets way too awkward for her to continue & she’ll soon feel disgusted which will ruin your D- Day.
  4. Do not get Drunk – Men/boys all alike love to drink. But at least save it up for your special day, do not make your first date a booze party! It is absolutely ok if to open up to her your need to gulp 1-2 shots but do not go for shots after shots & end up being a lousy drunkard in front of her!
  5. Appearance Matters – Well men are born clumsy nothing could be done to that but when you are going for your ‘first date’ try to work on your look! Do not wear a faded jeans or wrinkled tee shirt or grab anything that you come across just to look cool! You end up looking absurd rather than looking cool. Wear an ironed formal shirt or wrinkle-free casuals & shave properly before you leave, you obviously do not want to give her a ‘geek’ look of yours. Most importantly smell good too. It doesn’t mean that you’ll put on a strong perfume that she has to put a handkerchief all while on her nose! Girls/women love well-dressed boys/men.
  6. Choose the place wisely – As this is your first date you need to choose the place where you would be meeting her quite wisely. Do not end up choosing a cheesy place for your first date. Generally, for your first date, it will be better if you choose a place which is considerably away from the hustle bustle, somewhere somber; where you both can enjoy the ambiance as well as get to know each other properly. If you would choose a pub or a disc for your first date then you both would end up hearing nothing & the situation is like you both are shouting at the top of your voices just to talk!

 So boys get dressed ‘properly’; smell good  & walk up to the place where you have set the date to take place. Talk to her & make her feel you’re the one!

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