7 Thoughts Every Girl has in the Shower

This is totally a true fact that a person’s brain works the most when they are taking shower, coming up with many great ideas.The other thing that has to be accepted is that more than boys the girl’s mind keeps on working all the time. There are certain things that the girls have in their mind and keep on thinking about them whenever they are in the bathroom taking shower. Their thought process sometimes turns out to be a very weird one. The best private place for a woman to have her personal space is while taking shower when no one is looking at you and no one is there even to judge you.

We are going to talk about 7 thoughts every girl thinks about when they are in the shower:

  1. The most common thought every girl has is about their talent, which they can’t showcase in front of others. When girls are in the shower they sometimes think they are so talented that they should participate in some reality show and earn respect.
  2. The other most common think the girls keep thinking is about her boyfriend. More than the boyfriend the girl is worried about them, and sometimes they also think of sexual intimacy with their boyfriend in the shower. They always think of whether they have to shave their leg or whether they are going to meet anyone in person or even their own boyfriend.
  3. The most usual thing the girls keep thinking about is their body weight. Girls are always possessive about their weight and even if they and just had 2 slices of bread and think they have put on weight. They always think of doing some planks and squats while taking shower, they think this will be time efficient.
  4. Along with their weight, girls are also serious about their boob’s size. They are very much curious about the most attractive part their body, and always have a thought of having much bigger one.
  5. Selfies have become a common thing among the girls; girls love taking a photo, and pouting for the camera has become a new trend. Girl take photographs anywhere and they don’t even care about the situation, they just do what they like to do the most, taking photographs and in this case, girls cannot be even trusted, as they can take selfie even while they are in the shower, even if their phones are not waterproof.
  6. The most forgotten object in the world for girls is taking a towel along with them, while they plan to take shower. The most frustrating thing for girls is to look for their towel while they are taking the shower. The other most common think that the girls think about is whether buying a new bottle of shower gel, shampoo or just pour some water in the old one just to take a quick bath.
  7. In winter taking shower in hot water is like bliss. Girls always during the season of Christmas think of getting a hot shower bath and remain there whole day without caring about the outer world.The most common thought that comes to a girl’s mind is that they don’t have to shave their legs, as its cold outside and they can wear jean for covering their legs.

These are the 7 thoughts that girls think about when they are taking shower, but apart from these there are other points, which depicts the most weirdest thoughts of a women while she’s taking shower, as we all know the girls get easily influenced by movie characters, they sometime think that while taking bath a serial killer will come and attack her from the back. Like these there are many weird thoughts that are raised in the minds of a girl while taking bath. But it is not always the girls who think like this but , the tendency of thinking about weird stuffs is also there in men so This is normal behaviour every woman has while taking bath and there is nothing to be ashamed about.

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