7 Types Of Boyfriends You Will Meet in Your Life

There a lot of types of men you will find in this world. Some you will find charming, and some you will find annoying. However, when it comes to relationships, we have all faced various types of men whose quirky sides made us like them a lot. Which type have you dated?

  1. The Romantic one: Every month he will remind you about the anniversary. He will never forget the dates and on Valentine’s Day he becomes a Romance Ninja to shower you with all the clichés such as flowers, cards, candle light dinner and a kickass thoughtful gift which will make your gift look pretty puny. The romantic ones tend to be book lovers and gullible who believe in happy endings. On the darker side, they can be very dramatic too. They can outburst on very little things to create a scene. However, that is how they show care and one should appreciate it.
  2. The Jealous One: These types of guys do not understand the concept of trust at all. Once they get a girlfriend they consider them as properties and no one else is even allowed to look at them. Even the best friends are given suspicious looks when they talk to the girlfriend. These guys are usually way out of the league from the girl, this is why they have the fear that the girl will leave him for a better-looking guy.
  3. The Dominating One: If you have not been scolded by your own dad, be ready to be scolded by your pseudo dad. This person considers you stupid and that you cannot do anything by yourself (in some cases it is true). They would spoon feed you everything and discipline you when you are not in time for the date. They tend to be very protective and caring, which are good traits. They usually would love to take all the decisions for you and let you be at peace. However, if you are having the overpowering characteristic too, then the relationship is bound to fail.
  4. The Casual ones: They are the gem of all types. They usually do not care about anything as long you are faithful and in time for dinner. They love their personal space and let you have your space too. They usually hate the romantic chit chat and loves getting down to business first. They tend to be very secure and intellectual about their decisions and love to make small but very cute surprises whenever possible. But if they know they are falling for you, they will admit it very bravely and demand to know how you feel.
  5. The Demanding One: They lack the need to give a personal space and feel the need to hang out all the time. If you say no, they suddenly feel that ‘It’s not working anymore’. Out of guilt, you are bound to go out even though you had plans to stay in bed all day in your sweatpants watching Netflix shows. They usually feel the urge to not let you be alone even for a second, which is a deal breaker.
  6. The Insecure One: They are almost like the jealous boyfriends but are certainly more narcissistic. They are the boyfriends who are insecure because of their social stand. Even with the best looking girl with them, they can still remain unhappy and unsatisfied. They are the ones who generally possess the self- obsessive behaviour but are definitely down in confidence. They are mainly the ones who can only be happy with themselves and keeping comparing things with others. They always have this feeling in their mind that they are deprived of what they deserve. But be sure it is all their imagination!
  7. The Nice boy– These are types of boyfriends who are perfectly presentable to your parents. They have the most polite attitude, they are generally caring and are neither over possessive nor over-obsessive. They are what you can call as a gentleman. They are boyfriends who can be friendly and supportive at the same and be having such a boyfriend is what just every girl wishes for.

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