8 Signs you are Calcium Deficient

One of the most important elements needed by our body is Calcium. The very basis of the bones present in one’s body is Calcium. Not only this element is essential for bones & teeth but also plays a crucial role in maintaining one’s blood pressure, heart’s health & even prevents one from having prostate cancer! It is advisable to take proper Calcium products, especially for women as they tend to lose calcium after they turn 30 years, which results in fragile bones & other orthopedic problems. If you are suffering from Calcium Deficiency, then these are the 8 signs that you are going to notice.

  1. Weak & Fragile bones – Calcium is the main ingredient for building the bones of our body & keeping them strong. If you are suffering from calcium deficiency then you are likely to have weak bones which in future may lead to the breaking of the bones or even osteoporosis! Not only these problems but also over time it reduces the strength of the person. It is much advisable for women that after their menopause one should take proper calcium products or even calcium supplements to avoid breaking of bones in old age
  2. Painful Cramps & Aches – One of the very serious symptoms for calcium deficiency in one’s body, which we all tend to over look is sudden painful cramps. An insufficient dose of calcium makes your nerve cells to be super sensitive which later the reason for muscles cramps & severe pain becomes. Not only nerve cells but insufficient calcium dosage affects the nervous system too. If one is suffering from frequent muscle cramps or pain then it is high time that he/she visits an orthopedic doctor.
  3. Too Ill – Remember the time when you were small & whenever you caught cold your mom would bring forth a hot brimming cup of milk & insisted you to have it! Well, that is because calcium products not only helps one to get strong bones but also have strong immunity system. Calcium has some alkaline property in it which doesn’t allow bacteria to survive
  4. Poor Dental Health – Not only bones or immunity system but calcium also acts as an important constituent of the teeth. Calcium deficiency in one’s body can lead to serious dental issues. In children, it may cause deformed teeth or delay in tooth formation & also high chances of tooth decay where as in adults along with tooth decay, losing a tooth at an early age occurs.
  5. Increase of Premenstrual problems – One of the most common & painful sufferings that women go through is premenstrual problems. Stomach cramps, pain in hip & joint regions, mood swings, clotting are just a few problems to mention. Every other girl/woman suffers from these. But if these problems increase with every passing time then the person is having nutritional deficiency along with insufficient calcium intake. Calcium is known to detoxify estrogen & helps in the development of uterus & also ovarian hormones in women. Proper intake of calcium products or supplements during this time helps one to have less premenstrual problems like getting rid of painful stomach cramps.
  6. Losing weight becomes a headache – Calcium also helps one to maintain one’s body weight. According to a research done, it is being noticed that people suffering from obesity tend to have lesser or no amount of calcium intake. Dietary calcium plays a crucial role in regulating the energy metabolism which in turns helps you to remain fat-free. So if you are not able to shed off your excess fat even after doing vigorous exercises then you must be having an insufficient amount of calcium in your diet.
  7. Sleeplessness – The most peaceful time is when you go to bed at the end of the day. But what if you waste half of your time tossing & turning in the bed & if this thing happens regularly then you are surely calcium deficient. Because calcium helps to produce melatonin- sleep hormone.
  8. Late on set of puberty – This is a common problem that nowadays most teenage girls face; this is mainly due to the reason of having low calcium intake in one’s daily food.

 Thus here you come to know about the 8 signs of whether you’re calcium deficient or not. It is advisable to have proper intake of calcium products if not then calcium supplements to avoid the problems mentioned above.


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