8 Signs You are Dehydrated

The most important substance needed for a living thing is water, in fact, 90% of the body weight in some life forms. In normal human being, 60% of their body consists of water. According to a famous biological chemistry journal, the heart and the brain of a human body are made of 72% of water and about 83% of water is present in the lungs. A body experience dehydrations when there is not enough water present in the body as such needed by the same. The proper functions of the body depend upon the amount of water present in the body. When the amount of fluid present in the body is low, the human body experiences severe, mild or moderate dehydration.

Certain symptoms to detect whether the body is dehydrated

  • As we all know the body of ours is made of water in a maximum amount. Hence when the body experiences dehydration, there is more chance for a human being to experience a headache. Most of the brain tissue and cells consist maximum amount of water and if the required amount of water is not reached into the body then the body gets dehydrated and the head will start aching.
  • On a daily basis our body loses water that it requires, and if it is not replenished by fluids then it can cause dryness in the mouth, as there would be not enough fluid left for the tongue to secrete saliva.
  • Same as the mouth, due to lack of moisture the skin and also experiences dryness. if all these symptoms are detected then it is to confirm that the body is dehydrated with the scarcity of water in the body.
  • Lack of water in the body may also lead to low secretion of sweat. A body needs to seat to remove the toxic substances from our body for maintaining the health of the body.
  • If there is a low rate of the consumption of the water, then the sweat glands won’t receive much fluid to continue to do its job. Hence it can be said that the body of our need much water for the seat gland to continue its process.
  • The body after working all day long needs some rest and refreshments. Taking rest and sleep is a required process along with that keeping the body hydrated is also necessary. If the body experience lack of energy then it may be concluded that there is a scarcity of water in the body. A body needs energy by circulating the blood and oxygen throughout the body and hence it should be made a daily routine to drink water at least 1 to 2 liters daily.
  • When the body sweats profusely, the level of sodium drops in our body. After a vigorous session of exercise, the body loses water through sweat. As we all know each and every part of the body needs water, and our body system is prioritized in such a way that first the water is supplied to the circulatory system and then to the rest of the muscles and tissues. With scarcity of water in the body, there is not enough water left to get supplied to the body muscles which will lead to cramps and spans into the muscles
  • Dehydration decreases the level of metabolism rate, our body sometimes feels hunger when it actually needs water, the hunger sensation that you get in your stomach may actually be caused by the thirst, due to lack of water supply. Hence when a body gets dehydrated it experiences hunger on a usual basis and the best remedy for it is to drink water properly on a regular basis.

It can be well concluded that the body of ours needs continues the supply of water to maintain the goodness of it. On a daily basis, the body loses water through different process like breathing, pooping, peeing, through tears and saliva and even through sweating. If the body doesn’t compensate the amount of water lost from the body, then people can get dehydrated. The body can lose Water by other ways, such as if a person has a fever, or diarrhea or even excessive sweating. Hence it always recommended to people to drink enough water to maintain a good health.




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