8 uncommon facts about Rihanna

Robyn Rihanna Fenty who is better known to the whole world as Rihanna is a Barbadian singer, song composer as well as an actor! Mainly known for her songs, Rihanna has released hits after hits since her first break through song ‘Pon de Replay’ (2005) when she was just 16 years old. Her songs have broken records, sold for millions since then. But still there are many unusual facts about Rihanna you might still not know even after the fact that she’s one of the most celebrated Pop singers of the present time; have a look.

Mingles in the crowd – There are times when Rihanna mixes up in the crowd before starting her concert, this is her old habit, and she loves to be in the crowd. But she also makes it sure that she goes unnoticed otherwise the whole crowd would go mad & as a result of which chaos would be created. So to avoid any kind of chaotic situation, she disguises herself before she mingles with the crowd out there. Thoughtful of her isn’t it?

Has her ‘day’ – would not it be great if we all had a day dedicated to us & even better have a holiday declared on that? Well alas it would not be possible for us. But it is a thing that happened for rock star Rihanna! On 21st February 2008, Barbados i.e. her hometown gave her own official day, thus the day is aptly known as ‘Rihanna Day’.

Banned ‘Umbrella’ – while her song ‘Umbrella’ had hit the records & topped the charts all of a sudden she stopped singing ‘Umbrella’ on all her shows. Reason? Well she was concerned about the fact that her fans might get hurt by the umbrella while copying her moves in the song. So generous of you Rihanna!

Face of – did you know when Rihanna was a kid her mother did not allow her to put any kind of make up? One can very well understand how much it is difficult for a girl to go without make up all her growing years. But surprisingly enough now Rihanna has become the popular face of Cover girl & her has own lip shades line with one of the biggest group of cosmetics – Mac!

Bold & Beautiful – Besides being the queen of hearts for many of her fans she’s also known for her amazing figure. She has a beautiful figure, she’s indeed the Barbados Beauty & she doesn’t feel hesitated to show it off. She had received many offers from the well know magazine Playboy but she turns them down! Bold & beautiful isn’t she?

Middle Name – well Rihanna wasn’t called Rihanna before she rose to fame. She was just known as Robyn Rihanna Fenty in her initial years. It is only after that she’s rose to fame she started using her middle name. So next time if anyone calls Rihanna as Robyn Fenty doesn’t get startled; it’s her birth name.

Long insurance – people get their house, car, life insured by Insurance Companies, but when it came to Rihanna she insured her amazingly long legs instead! Funny isn’t it? But that is the truth. Rihanna the pop star’s legs are insured for $1million!

Calms her Nerves- to go out there in the stage & perform before some hundreds of people needs a lot of courage but it always make one a bit nervous & tensed. But when it comes to Rihanna she prefers gulping down few shots of tequila or vodka which helps her to calm down her never & feel free before her show; she does that before her every show religiously


So here were some unusual facts about Rihanna the Barbados pop star who rose to fame when she was just 16 years of age. You might be her fan but perhaps you did not know these few things about her! So next time if someone ask you to prove how much you know Rihanna, shoot all these facts towards them & just keep looking at their expressions.

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