Amazing Benefits of Cold Showers That You May Not be Aware Of

It would not be wrong to say that the best mental thinking happens in a bathroom.  A bathroom is the best place where some innovative ideas originate. Usually, we all prefer to take hot showers and cold showers are usually terms as ‘torturous baths’. But are you aware that taking cold showers can benefit your body in a number of ways? Cold shower provides some amazing effect on your health. Here we are going to share with you some unbelievable benefits of the Cold shower bath.

  • Increase Alertness: Taking a cold shower can be believed to be horrifying but the deep breathing involved in it will keep us warm from inside as it increases the level of oxygen we take. When the oxygen level increases, it leads to the increment of heart rate. Increased heart rate means more blood pumping. Eventually, more blood flows in our entire body which makes us more active and alert and increases the energy levels in our
  • Improve Immunity Power: Cold shower bath has an amazing effect on your immunity power. When we take cold shower bath, it increases the number of virus- fighting white blood cells.These cells help the human body to fight with a disease- causing germs and bacteria. Cold shower bath also increases metabolic rate in our body which results in producing the white blood cells and strengthening the immunity power.
  • Keep Hair and skin healthy: Skin and hair get dry with hot water. You need to turn down the temperature of your shower. Cold shower bath makes your hair shinier and makes your skin healthier.
  • Release Depression: Glutathione hormone has been associated with decreasing the stress levels in the body. Cold shower bath increases this Glutathione in our body. It lowers the uric acid level in the body. Having a shower of cold water will help you to release the stress so that you can live a happy life.
  • Burns Fat and help to lose weight: People are not aware of this usually that there are two type of fats in our body Brown fat & white fat. White fat is bad for the body but the brown one is good.Brown fat keeps our body warm by generating Whenever we take cold shower bath it activates our brown fat. This activation starts burning calories and producing energy to keep the body warm.
  • Improve circulation: Cold shower improves the blood circulation and helps the blood to go deep down into our organs. It improves the working of the circulatory system.
  • Increase Fertility:  Another benefit of the cold shower is that it increases your fertility. Studies have proved that individuals who take a hot shower for 3 weeks can be infertile for next 6 months. And men who take cold showers, their fertility can increase by 491%. It increases sperm count.
  • Give you a healthy sleep: Cold shower helps you to wake up and start your day with energy and also helps you to get a sound The circulation will maintain the health which leads you to a sound and deep sleep.
  • Drain Your Lymphatic System: Lymphatic system is a crucial part of the body that also get affected by a cold shower. Lymphatic system helps our body to expel the waste material out from the cells. It helps our body to fight the infections.  If the Lymphatic system gets blocked you may have to face problems like frequent colds, infections, and joint pain. Cold shower keeps the functioning of the Lymphatic system in the good condition.
  • Increase Testosterone: Heat effects  DNA, RNA & protein synthesis in males. Cold showers have an amazing effect and it increases Testosterone level in the male body. Some weightlifters used to sit out in the cold before competitions because this cold shower and testosterone therapy have something common in between.
  • Make emotionally strong: Cold shower can help your nervous system to be more relaxed.Essentially, you will feel calmer and relax. Initially, it’s not easy to have an extreme cold shower on your body but after a month you will be habitual of this and trust me this will not affect your manliness.

Now when you have known numerous benefits of taking cold showers over hot showers, then when are you switching to taking cold showers?  It will take a little courage to get under a cold shower, but trust me, the benefits are numerous that you will not regret moving for cold showers.

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