Amazing health benefits of eating eggs

Eggs are considered to be a great a source of protein and can be prepared very easily and in several ways. Eggs contain many vital nutrients which make it an integral part of one’s healthy diet. Both the white and yellow parts of the egg are very much healthy and rich in various different nutrients. An egg contains about 80 calories and 5 grams of fat which makes it a good choice for even the people who are very much figure conscious. Eggs also act as the binding agents in many recipes and hence serves a major role in various dishes. Here are some major health benefits of eggs –

Health benefits of eggs 

They are high in nutritional values – Eggs are basically what turns into a living creature if the conditions are right. This simply means a single egg contains enough nutrients to turn a single cell into a living organism. So they are incredibly nutritious.

Cholesterol contents – Eggs are high in cholesterol, a single egg contains 212 mg cholesterol. It doesn’t mean that cholesterol consumed in the diet affects blood cholesterol. Human liver produces a huge amount of cholesterol daily, so even if you consume eggs daily, your liver will just start producing less cholesterol and so the overall level of cholesterol evens out.

Eggs provide choline – Choline is not a very well known nutrient but it serves a very important function of building cell membranes and also produces molecules which give signals to the brain. Many people don’t get enough choline daily so eggs can be a great source of choline if consumed daily.

Eggs contain high quality proteins – It wouldn’t be wrong to say that human body is mainly made of proteins. Proteins build up the human body and serve a very important purpose in all other functions. Proteins help to build up the tissues and muscles present in our body. Eggs are a great source of getting proteins in the right required ratios daily. A single egg contains around 6 grams of proteins and amino acids.

Eggs help in weight loss – If you are weight conscious, then eggs are just perfect for you as they help in losing weight without depriving you off the necessary nutrients.

Eggs help to promote eyesight and reduce chances of cataract – Eggs provide a good amount of antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin. Lutein helps in keeping the eyes healthy. These nutrients helps the eye to protect against high energy wavelengths which damages the retina. Therefore a good amount of such nutrients should be consumed starting from childhood.

Eggs help to develop and protect bones – Eggs are a very good source of Vitamin D which helps in absorption of calcium and in maintaining good bone health. Eggs also help to prevent osteoporosis.

Eggs help to maintain healthy nails and hair – Eggs due to their high amount of sulphur containing amino acids helps to maintain hair and nails healthy and lustrous.

Eggs are very much nutritious and should be included in the daily diet for their benefits. They provide with almost all the majorly required nutrients and are very easy to prepare.

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