Is it bad to skip breakfast? 10 harmful effects of skipping breakfast

Weight loss is the current fad that has taken over the world. All envy a flat stomach. However, few are willing to work towards achieving that goal. A widespread mistake which people tend to commit is to skip meals. It’s a common belief that it would lead to weight loss. Contrarily, it leads to several health issues.

Importance of breakfast

Albeit no meal should be skipped, skipping breakfast has the worst side effects. “Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.” This rhetorical is an absolute truth. Although lunch and dinner can be compromised with, there is a strict no for breakfast in this regard. It is the first meal of the day. The primary nutrients which your body processes you derive from a healthy meal in the morning.

A healthy breakfast should be rich in whole grain carbohydrates and lean proteins. Skipping breakfast can lead to many side effects

Accumulation of water fat

The prime reason becomes the first side-effect. Yes, jumping breaking leads to fat gain. However, this is called water fat.

  • It can occur due to the accumulation of gastric juices, enzymes, and acids that continue to get inside the stomach
  • Lack of any food causes these to accumulate and leads to the protrusion of your belly.

Cardiac issues

Cardio-vascular functioning gets hampered if your body is devoid of its first meal. Scientific studies have established a proportional relation between cardiac problems and victual habits and patterns. Skipping breakfast increases the chances of cardiac arrest and vascular blockages.

Metabolic effects

Body metabolism implies the digestion process and the subsequent release of nutrients into the blood. The metabolic cycle completes itself with the defecation process. Breakfast commences the operation. Hence, if the commencement is thwarted, the entire mechanism goes haywire. Apparently, you won’t feel any immediate side-effects, but in the long run, it can cause stamina issues and fatigue.

Triggers diabetes

Diabetes is an incurable disease. Its remedy has eluded scientists and researchers for a long time now. It is either the excess or deficiency of insulin in the body.

  • The beta cells which secrete insulin depend on glycogen that people can derive from your nutrient intake.
  • Your body fails to transfer enough glycogen to the beta cells, being bereft of breakfast, it can trigger diabetes.

Causes hair loss

The hair strength and its endurance depend on a protein called keratin. It is present on the skin and affects is tenacity. As mentioned earlier, breakfast should be rich in lean proteins. It provides the body with primary keratin that is essential to maintain your hair health.

Affects cognitive functions

In layman terms, skipping breakfast affects the brain health. Lack of food in the wee hours of the day changes your overall performance throughout the day. It is reflected mostly in teenagers, whose body in their most subtle period. Any lack of nutrition can cause an overall effect on the development of an individual.

Triggers a migraine

A migraine people can feel due to the low sugar level in the blood. Breakfast should be rich in wholegrain crabs. It enriches our essential body glycogen that maintains the blood sugar level. Lack of meal causes the alpha cells of the pancreas to alleviate glycogen production leading to an imbalance. That triggers a severe migraine.

Disruptions in the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is necessary to prepare the female womb to conceive. The nutrition demand is thus more. Skipping breakfast affects the period severely. It can cause severe abdominal cramps and painful contractions. Therefore, it is pertinent to have your meal.

Alleviates mood swings

This is already a standard issue among you. The constant pressure to cope-up tends to take a toll on your mood. Empty stomach in the morning not only distracts you while you undertake your endeavours but also affects your overall camaraderie with your counterparts.

Can trigger cancer

Recent studies have found out that being bereft of breakfast can cause the accumulation of harmful carcinogens in your body. In the long run, these trigger the growth of cancer cells.

These are some of the side-effects that the lack of healthy breakfast can trigger. Thus, people must avoid it at all cost.


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