Bra Hacks for Woman with Small Breasts

Having fuller breasts is the dream of every woman. Not only it makes you look feminine, but also enhances your attractiveness. Woman with small breasts has their own problems.  They are not able to fit into their favorite dresses nicely and believe that they look less attractive. Many women with small breasts suffer from low self-esteem and body image issues due to the small size of their breasts. In this article, we will share with you several bra hacks that can help your chest look fuller.

Find a Bra that fits you perfectly-  Having small breasts does not mean that your boobs do not need support.  This may sound obvious, but not every bra that you own fit you properly. Some will make you feel uncomfortable, while others are too tight in fittings that you feel uneasy to breathe. Therefore, the thumb rule is to find a right bra that sticks firmly around your torso while not making you uncomfortable.

Choose the Right Fabric– Women with small breasts should pay attention to the fabric of the bra while purchasing. You do not need fabrics that stretch, but can choose soft and thin fabrics. A bra with soft fabric will hug your breasts nicely while not harming your skin and making you uncomfortable.

Wear Padded Bras– Replace push-up bras with padded bras. This is because push-up bras squeeze your boobs up. On the other hand, padded bras have pads to add size to your breasts and make them look fuller. Do not expect that wearing a padded bra will make you look like Pamela Andreson but you will definitely not feel lifted up.

Wear it Right– You wear it every day, but are you wearing it the right way? It does not require slipping your arms into the straps and hooking the clasps. Here is a right method of wearing the bra. Bend your bust at 90 degrees. Look straight and slip your arms into the straps until your bra gathers all the breast tissues in place. Then close the bra and come back to the right position.

Choose the right Pad– There are different kinds of pads available in the market ranging from foam, gel, air and water. Pick the pad that adds shape and volume to your breasts. While choosing, pick a one that makes you feel more comfortable and nicely shape your breasts.   Classic pads make your breasts look fuller, while bras with bottom pads create “shelf effect”.  Bras are also available in different pad shapes; just ensure you choose a pad that adjusts your breasts into the cups.

By putting the above-mentioned tips into practice, you can make your breasts look fuller. Having small breasts is not a problem to worry. But with the right techniques and knowledge, you can make your breasts look bigger and fuller.


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