This is How You Can Cure Smelly Feet/ Foot Odor

Summer season is soaring and elevated temperatures are making you sweat badly even not sparing your feet. Foot odor can be embarrassing but fortunately, there are several ways using which you can avoid your feet turning into a stink bomb. Keep reading below mentioned tips to provide your feet a drier habitat and avoid them from stinking bad.

Before we get straight to the tips, let us know what causes feet to smell awkward.  There are half a million sweat glands present on the feet, which leads to lots of sweat production.  Sweat usually gets trapped inside when you wear shoes or socks. This provides a suitable place for the bacteria and fungus to thrive and produce odor.  Here’s how you can keep foot odor at bay.

Wash correctly- This might sound a simple thing, but not all wash their feet correctly. A shower bath would not be enough to keep your toes clean.  You need to adopt right washing techniques to prevent the odor causing bacteria flourish on your feet.  Always wash your feet nicely with an anti-bacterial soap by paying attention to the areas between the toes.  After washing, dry your feet and put on some foot powder.  Follow this every morning to ensure you have clean feet.

Salt Water– Soaking your feet in a tub full of water with some salt put in it helps in drawing out all the moisture out of the skin.  It reduces the amount of bacteria that survives there. For this, you can put some warm water into a tub and dissolve one teaspoon of salt into it. Soak your feet in it for around 20 minutes. Doing this every day would help you control the foot odor.

Tea Treat– Giving your feet tea treat would also help you control the foot odor.  The acid present in the tea helps you close your pores and reduce the amount of sweat production.  Soaking feet into tea water also acts as a natural antibiotic and aid in killing bacteria present on your feet.  To do this, you can boil two tea bags in some water for around 15 minutes. Then shift this solution into a tub and soak your feet in this solution for 30 minutes.  Doing this once every week will control the foot odor.

Pick Right Socks– The process of preventing stinky feet must start with picking a right pair of socks.  Do not go for synthetic materials because they provide less ventilation.  You should always pick socks made up of canvas or leather which let your feet breathe and allow perspiration to evaporate.

Go for activated charcoal Insoles– You can also opt insoles which are made up of activated charcoal. This is because activated charcoal does a commendable job of absorbing foot odor and keep the odor away.

These surefire tips can definitely help you cure smelly feet.  All you just need to take care is, several general hygiene measures. Follow these tips and bid adieu to stinky feet.

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