How to Clean Your Bikini Area? Some Effective Ways to Try at Home

Cleaning your private body parts is very important. It not only keeps you clean but also keeps infection-causing germs and bacteria at bay. It is one of the crucial aspects of both men and women grooming. Down below, we have shared several effective ways that you can try at home to keep your bikini line clean and smooth.

  1. Use Scissors For Trimming: – You can first use the scissors for trimming hair around your bikini line. It is essential that you trim off spirals before you actually get to wax or shave that region. If you already have short hair down there, you can directly use a razor.
  2. Choose the right Razor for you:- The bikini area is very sensitive and soft as compared to other parts of the body. You have to be very careful while choosing razor for your private parts. Do not choose a razor that comes with a number of blades as it can be harsh on your skin. A razor that comes with two blades will be perfect for your bikini line. Experts suggest to use a different set of razors for different parts. Keep one separate set of razors for your private area and the other one for legs/underarms.  Do not use a razor for a very long time. Just replace it after using once or twice.
  3. Soften your hair before shaving:- Make sure that the skin and hair are softened before you wax or shave them. Take a long shower to make them soft.Use a good quality of shaving cream or gel to keep the shave smooth as much as possible. Not doing so can harsh your skin and cause irritation.
  4. Wash Daily/ Keep it clean:- Do not use harsh soap for your bikini area. Use a gentle soap for the cleaning purposes. Clean the bikini area daily while having a bath. Try to keep the are dry. This can be done by using the tissue or toilet paper after every time you go for a loo.
  5. Change the Sanitary pads: If you are on periods make sure that you change the pads regularly after a while. Being in one pad for a long time can cause irritation and itching around your genitals. Clean and rinse your bikini area after removing pad.
  6. Wear Clean Underwear:- Make sure that you always wear washed underwear. Keep your undergarments at a cool and hygienic place to get them away from germs.
  7. Apply Moisturizer: Either after shaving the bikini area or taking bath, you must apply an alcohol-free Avoid using harsh creams on your bikini line.
  8. Keep your razor clean:– Use a separate razor for your bikini area. The razor must be clean before using and after using it clean it very well. Sanitize your razor blade with hot water if needed. Replace the blade if you are using it for a long time. A blade should be used for 3 to 4 shaves maximum.
  9. Rinse the area immediately after shave:– Wash the bikini area as soon as you done with the shaving process. Rinse the area with cold water to prevent irritation and apply a good quality moisturizer.
  10. Avoid wearing too tight clothes:– Tight clothes will generate more sweat. Always choose comfortable and a bit loose clothes for your private parts. Excessive sweating can cause vaginal infection.

Use these easy to follow tips at your home to keep your bikini line clean and clear.  Get ready to flaunt your curvy bikini body with the tips mentioned above.

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