Clothing Tips for Men with Bulky Bodies

The size of men is not a factor for looking handsome and stylish. Whether the person is skinny or bulky he can always look stylish. The men just need to pay some attention to their dressing styles. Sitting empty ended cannot serve you wonders, one needs to make some efforts. So all chubby and bulky guys, it’s time to make some efforts and look stylish in all outfits.

Some basic style tips for the bulky men are as follows:

  • Never wear outfits which carry heavy prints and patterns in it.
  • You can use suspenders in place of belts.
  • Prefer stripped shirts and tees.
  • Have a collection of blazers, coats and jackets.
  • Buy outfits which will fit you, saggy and baggy dress won’t do.
  • Choose simple and plain shirts.
  • Wearing hats and caps can do wonders.
  • Workout, not for reducing weight but for an instant perfect look.

How to dress up well if I have a bulky figure?

  1. Tees with half Pants: T-shirts with half pants or Bermuda Shorts is now a trending and casual dressing which is worn by the majority. This above-mentioned style not only suits thinner guys but also bulky men. The size doesn’t matter for dressing up in such outfit idea. This outfit will never disappoint you. The colour of the Bermuda can be Khaki which can be matched with coloured T-shirts. Any light colour shoes will go with this outfit; light brown is preferable.
  2. Suspenders: Suspenders are always a better option for bulky guys rather than using belts. You may have noticed that most bulky celebrities wear their outfits with suspenders. They are celebrities, who design their outfits by professional stylists, so definitely there is a reason behind preferring Suspenders over belts. The reason is that the suspenders help you look taller; which belts can never give.
  3. Formal Suiting Idea: Irrespective of your size, you can always depend upon suits that are tailored. Suits will give bulky men a sharp look. A well-tailored suit and dress can give you a perfect formal appearance. The best part wearing suits is that even if you wear a fitted dress, you won’t look fat. You can match your suits with coats and pants with contrasting coloured pants. You can wear this kind of outfits in wedding or engagement.
  4. Semi-Casual Dressing: This type of outfit is used for going with your friends for partying. This outfit idea will be perfect for bulky men. This is an elegant and trendy at the same time. You can wear a button shirt with a tie and blue jeans. You can always improvise your dressing style by adding zipper, sweater or cardigan. This style of dress can be worn for a family get together and office parties.
  5. Attire for Bulky men: With any sorts of shirt, it is always the suitable option to wear cardigans. You can try saggy and baggy pants, as this has been proved perfect for bulky men. The cardigans have the capability of hiding your bulkiness and will make you look thinner, even though you are not in real life. For the perfect combination, men can wear a black short shirt and blue jeans. The shirt can be tucked in or can be kept outside as this is totally up to you. You can complete the whole outfit with the help of a light brown cardigan.

Along with the above-mentioned styles, you can always improvise your dressing styles, because obviously you know better what would make you look good and comfortable. You should be able to comfortably run your finger from your neck and your collar. The plackets which are on your shirt must lay flat, and must not pull apart. Every fat man has worn clothes which are large in size out of shame. Many men think that saggy and baggy clothes can look good on them and will make them look smaller than they actually are, but this is not true. These kinds of outfit may actually make you look bigger than you actually are. You must avoid clothes that create artificial shapes or add more bulkiness.

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