What does the color of your clothes say about you?

The type of clothes you prefer always speaks about your preference about life and how your behaviour tends to be when you approach a certain circumstance. Clothes depict our personality in lots of ways. The colour you wear says a lot about your personality. It is a form of an expression that is expressed in a way of fashion and depicts how our minds work. Our emotions and mind are influenced a lot by the choice of colour we wear. Sometimes we go for a colour that may express our mood for today; sometimes we avoid that colour because we feel gloomy and opt for something subtle.

What does your choice speak about you? Find out here in points below.

  1. Red: Red is symbolic for an Indian Bride as it emphasises power, confidence, divinity and passion. Red depicts the personality of dominance. It is also symbolic for aggression, lust, sensuality and enthusiasm. So if you are going to a party opt for red because it will make you look brighter and more passionate than others.
  2. Black: Black, in western cultures, is considered as the colour to respect the dead. However, with changing times, luckily this symbol has faded away. Now, black coloured clothes are considered as dominant and powerful. It also asserts sophistication, elegance, superiority and simplicity. So if you are going for a job interview, go for black.
  3. Blue: Blue is the colour of the ocean. Ocean is the symbol for peace and serenity. If you wear blue it means you are calm and composed in nature. You have your own terms of peace with life and you are very creative. Blue is symbolic for intelligence, originality and innovation.
  4. Brown: Brown is symbolic for the earth. For someone wearing brown means that person is grounded and very stable. That person is very trustworthy and dependable. Personality traits like stability, strength, constancy can be found in that person.
  5. Grey: Grey is a sad colour. It basically stands for lack of enthusiasm, depression, melancholy, gloominess and sadness. Different shades of grey will also depict the same personality. So the person wearing grey also represents a lack of confidence. Hence, now you know why sweatpants are grey in colour.
  6. Orange: Orange should not be misconfused with red. Red may have many shades but orange is not one of them. Hence when you see someone wearing orange coloured clothes you will know that the person is in a very bright and happy mood. The person is enthusiastic, energetic and ready to take up challenges that come his way.
  7. Yellow: Yellow is by default a happy colour. Like the happy yellow canary, the soul of the person is also cheerful and optimistic. It is a colour which boosts the mind of the person wearing it. It is the colour which promotes intelligence, happiness and cheerfulness. So if you are going to give an exam, wear yellow because it will make your mind cheerful and it will result in a very good exam.
  8. White: The colour white shows that you are the person who is clean and loves to stay so and is also innocent. It says that you are the person who bears a quality of staying organised and determined. Sometimes white speaks of a character that is royal. In the fairy tales, we find fairies in the colour white and also sometimes it is the colour of the royal people. Although too much white might really look uneasy but bright colours matched with white can talk about the strong, determined yet the polite personality of the wearer.
  9. Pink– This is the universal colour that depicts girly nature. Pink is also the colour of passion but not as strong as that depicted by red. Although pink suites girls in most cases and is also loved by girls around the globe, boys can also wear pink. Not too much but the light pink coloured shirt properly matched with a pair of black trousers depicts the personality of a passionate man perfectly. Pink is also perfect for small babies and children so when an adult wears a pink and flaunts it, it also depicts their activeness.

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