Does masturbation reduce sperm count?

Does sun rise from the east? Yes. Is the sky blue? Yes. Is masturbation healthy? No Idea. It’s such a taboo that no one wants to admit it or speak about it yet is arguablyone of the most commonly practiced sexual activity. Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm. The traces of it is found in art since prehistoric times even though people describing it as hideous sinful and what not. The legal and religion status of it has varied across generations but people have gradually been more open minded to it.
“Masturbation is like leftover pizza: While you would prefer to get something fresh and hot, if you’re hungry it will do just fine.”
This activity is observed across many species in animals as well. Humans of all age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, relationship status perform masturbation. Simply put, there is no criteria for a person to be classified eligible for masturbation. There’s a saying that “80%  of people masturbate and the remaining 20% are lying about it.” However, the myths surrounding the subject come from a lack of awareness and education. The myths such as masturbation causing blindness, skin acne, insanity, hairfall, stunting the growth, sin in the eyes of God, reducing libido, infertility, sexually transmitted infections. The main one which we are going to explain is, does masturbation reduce sperm count?

Is it really harmful?

NO, IT IS NOT. It is a natural and harmless expression of sexuality for both men and women. Masturbation does not cause any physical injury or harm to the body (if done properly) and can be performed throughout a person’s lifetime as a part of normal sexual behaviour. Rather there are multiple benefits some of which are:
  • It reduces stress and releases sexual tension
  • It helps a person sleep better.
  • It helps treat sexual problems
  • It relieves depression and leads to a higher sense of self-esteem
  • Having an orgasm releases endorphin which is a feel good chemical. Orgasms work like pain killers and can help with cramps in ladies.
  • Since it is a solo activity, it reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections. It is safer than any other type of sexual activity due to zero physical contact with infected person.
  • It helps the person decide sexual preferences and empower themselves
The biggest of all, in a recent study by The Cancer Council Australia, it was found that men who masturbate frequently in a week have a lower risk to prostate cancer. It is much more impactful when the ejaculation happens through masturbation rather than the intercourse, as intercourse carries a risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Does masturbation reduces sperm count or make a man infertile?

No, it doesn’t. A human body is a machine with well defined roles of each part. Male body produces sperm which is stored in a fertilization tank. This tank gets drained when a man masturbates till the point of ejaculation. The man who masturbates more will have a lower volume of semen in an ejaculate. It also makes a person feel tired and trained out which is very natural. The tank needs some time to refill. If a man masturbates frequently, he will have a consistently lower volume of semen in each ejaculate as the tank is never fully filled. It’s best to wait for some time to get the levels restored. However, a man who is trying to conceive should not masturbate very frequently. Frequent masturbation may reduce the sperm count temporarily which is needed to fertilize a female egg. But this can be restored by limiting the frequency of masturbation so that the fertilization tank is up to the mark. You need soldiers to win a battle and a smaller army might not do it for you. Does it mean that a man becomes infertile? No. It reduces the sperm count temporarily as a man is asking for more than the body can give. By reducing the frequency of masturbation, the sperm count can again be increased. Frequent masturbation might lead to problem in conception but not cause infertility. Is there a way to masturbate? Well, there’s no one specific way to do it. There is no wrong or right way as well. Everyone has their preference and it should be as per a man’s comfort and choice. Is there any limit to the number of times a man should masturbate? No. There is no defined or preferred frequency. A man can masturbate as much as he wants in a day but for healthy body and good social lifestyle 2 to 3 times a week is sufficient . Just stop when it starts getting in the way of your job, social responsibilities, hanging out with friends and family. Is there any age when you should start or stop masturbating? No. A man can masturbate at the age of 18 and at the age of 50 as well. Too young (such as below teen years) should wait to do and too old (such as above 60 years) have already had enough to do. Then why so many myths around it? The stigma around it prevents a person from reaching out to discuss with others or consult someone and resort to personal experience and self proclaimed knowledge.A common ground based on facts and research is needed to make everyone aware about the subject. This has been changing and increased adoption to sex education has provided the necessary guidance to shatter the myths.Teenage students are the most curious folks and the teen years is the right time to teach them all about the subject. Make sure you learn the facts as early as possible, so that the next time you do it, there’s one less thing to worry about other than someone catching you. Thank you.

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