Every Man Should Know These Things Before Shaving Down Below

Shaving down the belt is not only important from the personal cleanliness point of view but is also a need from woman to have men waxed or shaved. Understanding the needs of man to be cleaner and less scruffy down there, here are several things every man should know before shaving down there.

  1. Trim– Before you decide to clean your pubic area, you need to understand that you do not just need to shave overgrown bushes of hair. Firstly, trim the bushes so that you can shave easily. You can use a trimmer or a razor to get a smoother finish. Be careful while you are shaving and ensure there are no pointy ends.
  2. Use a transparent shaving gel– Using a transparent shaving gel would let you see where the razor is going. Remember to make short and gentle strokes otherwise, you may end up getting a cut there.  Just be gentle like you shave your facial hair and apply a good aftershave lotion or balm to soothe the skin.
  3. Keep Skin antiseptic handy– After shaving or waxing, skin becomes dry. The situation can become even worse when it rubs against itself and cause itching. In case you do sports or running, or perspire a lot, it can cause a lot of redness of discomfort.  To avoid this thing to happen, always keep a good quality skin antiseptic handy.  You can also get creams that cure skin rashes so that your just waxed or shaved skin remains calm and smooth.
  4. Keep it clean and fresh– One way to keep the genital area clean and fresh is splash water after every time you go to the loo. You can also various powders that do a commendable job of keeping bad odor at an arms distance. Other than that, body washes that are not too harsh on the skin keep you fresh and clean all the day long. Many men make a mistake of spraying a deodorant or cologne down there. This should be strictly avoided because it can harm the skin as well as make you smell awkward.
  5. Make it a routine– Make it to the point that you shave or wax down there on a regular basis and not just once in a year. Just as you shave your facial hair or beard, it is equally important to clean your genital area. Probably, when the hairs grow back, they will be less bushy and it will take you less time to clean them.

Those were several useful things every man should know before they get to start shaving down below. This is important from the cleanliness point of view and also to make your pubes grow intended and do not make spirals.

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