Every Man Should Prepare for Sex Like this

Every Men Should Prepare for Sex Like this

Sex is one of the most important aspects of our life. It is more than just producing offsprings. To some, it is a necessity and to some, it is an act to seek pleasure. For some, it is just thing to do when needed while for some it is an inevitable work out.  But like any other thing, sex also has its own rules and requirements. There are problems which people face during sex like low stamina, no desires for a partner, no emotional touch and many more and preparing for it is the most important way to correct them.

This is how men should prepare for sex 

1.Healthy Diet 

A healthy diet is not something which you can just consume before having sex and it will help to improve your performance. It is a long term thing. A healthy diet, which fills up your body with the most required vitamins, minerals and nutrients consumed over a larger time can cause miracles to you and your body greatly improving your performance in bed. Try to maintain a healthy diet and reduce your cholesterol levels to keep your system well functioning and improve your sexual abilities.

2. Exercise 

This point may seem irrelevant to many since how sex is related to exercise? But frankly speaking, exercise is the key to a great sexual performance. Exercising helps men to improve their body’s stamina and thus increasing their stamina during sexual intercourse too. Exercising on a daily basis helps to improve the bodily day to day functions and helps to produce more testosterone, which is the male sex hormone. Exercise also helps to build up the shape of your body making you more confident about your appearance.

3. Maintain your shape 

Men tend to lose their shape to unhygienic food and lack of exercise. Always try to maintain your body’s shape in a good condition. There’s is nothing more than a good looking body that can appeal to your partner more.

4. Groom the right way 

Always pay attention to how you groom, make sure your body parts look good and in shape. Keep your beards shaven in hairs trimmed. Try not to get your nails big and dirty either.

5. Lubrication 

This might seem a not so important point to many of you but lubrication helps a lot while having sexual intercourse. Use of lubricants should never be avoided. Lubrication helps you to last longer by decreasing friction and thus making you last longer in bed.

6. Don’t miss foreplay 

Many men tend to directly jump to sex. Do not do it that way, start slowly with soft kisses and caressing her and create the atmosphere. Indulge in foreplay as it helps your brain to take control of the situation and help you last much longer than usual.

7. Plan your stuff beforehand 

There’s is nothing better in sex if you have all your moves pre-planned. Try to be creative and at the same time gentle. Don’t let your partner down. Make yourself desirable and attractive along with different from others.

8. Light up the atmosphere 

The atmosphere plays a huge role in setting the scene. Before having sex make sure you make the atmosphere worthwhile. Make sure the temperature is right, And your partner is in a comfortable mood.

9. Shoot it off beforehand 

Many times you may finish too soon even before satisfying your partner. So the best way to overcome this is to shoot off your load few hours prior to having sex. This will help you to last much longer as regeneration of sperms takes some time.

10. Clean the mess 

After having sex don’t just shrug in your bed and sleep off to morning. Clean of the mess caused during your intercourse.

Every man need to prepare for sex to avoid on time complications and failures. Given above were some great tips on how to prepare for sex in the right way. Read and follow to get the best out of your sex life.


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