Facts we bet you did not know about Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is presently one of the biggest artists of Hollywood & has been termed as ranked as one of the most influential rappers among female of the world. This rapper, singer & song composer shot to fame with her songs like ‘Starships’, ‘Super Bass’.  Not only all these but she became the judge of American Idol 12th season & also made her debut in the most rated animation movie – Ice age: Continental drift. She also performed supporting roles in movies like ‘The Other Woman & Barbershop: the next cut’. These facts down here I’m sure you did not know about Nicki Minaj.

  • She had an Abusive father – Nicki Minaj’s childhood wasn’t a pleasant one. Her father was a drug addict & was very abusive when she was just a kid. She had confessed that many times during childhood she used to lock herself up in her room to escape from the heated arguments that her father had with the family. Her father had once set fire to the house they lived in but luckily they weren’t present there then. Though her father had been very abusive but that was verbal, he never physically abused his daughter!
  • Supporting mother – when on one hand Nicki had got a father who was a drug addict & abused everyone of the family, on the other hand, she had got a mother who supported her all the while from her childhood, she supported Nicki in her career too. Nicki discloses that she was left with her grandparents to raise her because of her dad’s nature. Nicki’s is mamma girl after all
  • Is it real? – do you know who Onika Tanya Minaj is? Don’t be startled it is the real name of famous rapper Nicki Minaj! Well, she’s known around the world as Nicki Minaj but that her real name, her birth name. She says that when she entered in this line someone had changed her name, probably the production people who thought Nicki sounded cool!
  • Career – well if she had proper guidance & exposure than surely she should have rose to fame when she was just 12! Because she was just 12 years old when she penned down her first rap but it was not until she was found out by Fendi, the CEO of Dirty Money. And then she began her career as a rapper & since then there’s no turning back!
  • Drama it is- if it had not been Rapping then the world would know Nicki Minaj as an actress, why so? Because she had studied drama & was preparing herself for that line. She played as clarinet in her elementary school & studied drama at LaGuardia High School of Music & Art & then Performing Arts at Queens College.

So well these are just a few facts we are sure you did not ever know about Nicki Minaj, so read them & get to know more about your rapping idol!


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