How to Fake a Perfect Smile for Pictures?

Have you ever thought how those people get those perfect sparkling smiles caught on the cameras? Have you always had troubles getting a good picture just because your smile ruins it every time? Have you ever wished that you could also smile perfectly like those celebrities in their photos? If your answer is a YES! then you have come to the right place. We here at will give you the best tricks and tips to get the best of your smile and fake a perfectly healthy and natural smile.

Why Fake a smile?

Many of us are blessed with a gorgeous smile, but there are some amongst us who were not so lucky. If you are one of those people you might know the troubles faced while trying to click a photograph, whether it is a group photo or just a random selfie. Getting your pictures ruined just because you don’t know how to smile is pretty upsetting. This is why faking a smile is the best option to click perfect pictures every-time.

How to fake a natural smile –

The Posture

Posture is one of the most important aspects of getting a good smile and a good picture. Before you get a good smile, a good posture is what is noticed by anyone in a picture. Figure out which posture suits your face the best. Try different positions, angles and try to get the best posture.

The Facial Side

Scientists have proved that everyone has a asymmetric face, and not every side is as beautiful as the other. So figure out which facial side of your’s looks better. Try to pose with that side visible clearly to the camera. Try to combine your good postures with better side of your face to get awesome clicks.

Chin Up

Chin is what defines your facial outline the most. It can severely affect your smile and thus pictures. To get the best natural smile keep your chin up. Do not let it down, keep it tight and try to make your chin line visible as clearly as possible.

The Squinch

Many a times you may have not so even face or pits under your eyes. While smiling the fat in your cheeks may unevenly collect under your eyes. Squinching Your face a bit can make your smile look more elaborate and gorgeous.

The Grin

People sometimes in the effort of smiling start to grin a lot, It not only exposes your teeth too much but also makes your face look odd. It is not advisable. Keep your smile as small and lightly noticeable as possible.

Side Smirk

A smile is not what always help. For some smiling may feel awkward, so just smirk. A smirk is a sort of smile just tilted towards one side. Smirking is not a difficult art and can be mastered easily, it also adds a bit of happy look to your face.

Speak with the eyes

Smiles always don’t help. Sometimes you got to speak with the eyes. try to look in the camera, smile a bit or just smirk and squinch your eyes a bit. Tadaa!! Here is your perfect picture.


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