How to get rid of vaginal odour naturally?

It’s common to experience vaginal odour in most of the female population across the world. We all know that vaginal discharge is the normal part of the women’s reproductive system. The colour of the discharge is milky white. This discharge helps to remove harmful substances like dead cells and bacteria. This particular discharge varies from woman to woman. If the colour or smell seems to be different in women, itching or burning may occur. Therefore it is necessary to keep our vagina clean and healthy. There are numerous remedies to get rid of vaginal odour naturally which are given below:-

  • Identify the cause

We need to identify the cause to figure out the problem. In this case, we need to figure the causes of vaginal odour. This may occur due to infection. The best solution is to consult with the doctor in which they suggest medicines that are available in the drug store. Women experience some chunky white part. This may arise due to yeast infection. Improper cleaning of the vagina leads to the development of bacteria. Hence it is necessary to wipe them frequently.

  • Changing the panties Regularly

Now-a-days people prefer silky material in order to make them elegant. This traps the sweat and urine in the material. Hence use comfortable clothing like cotton to avoid them. It is necessary to make a reminder of changing the panties regularly in order to avoid the growth of bacteria. Change the panties every 12 hours at least. This is one of the best remedies to stop the vaginal odour at home.

  • Avoid Using harsh soaps

Stop using harsh soaps because it can contain chemicals and fragrances. This leads to more vaginal discharge and produces smell in the vagina. It is strictly prohibited to use the soaps close to the vagina as it removes the delicate balance of the body.

  • Change tampon or pads Frequently

Frequent changing of tampon or pad during the menstrual cycle reduces the odour in the vagina. Change the pads or tampon every 6 hours a day. This helps to maintain a proper hygiene and keeps the vagina safe. It reduces irritation during the menstrual cycle which is experienced by many women.

  • Eat yogurt

Yogurt is a food produced by the natural bacterial fermentation of milk. Regularly eating yogurt helps to produce more yeast. This reduces the yeast infection and eliminates vaginal odour. Proper checking should be made that yogurt contains active and live cultures. Consumption of two cups of yogurt is healthy and increase the amount of yeast.

  • Consume more water

Drinking plenty of water helps to remove the harmful toxins like bacteria in the body. It is necessary to drink 8 to10 glasses of water daily to remove the vaginal odour. This is one of the easiest methods to keep the vagina safe.

  • Use Baking Soda

Baking soda has numerous health benefits. It is one of the most important weapons to maintain the pH level of the body and it fights against infections. Take one spoon of baking soda and stir it in the warm water. Consumption of this water keeps the body free from infection. Using baking soda during our bath rituals also helps to remove vaginal odour.

  • Use neem

We all know that neem is considered as the sacred plant all over the world. It kills bacteria and has the medicinal value. To get rid of the vaginal odour naturally, we can use neem leaves. Boil neem leaves in the water. Cool for sometime and rinse it in the vagina. This removes the vaginal odour as well as bacteria. It is one of the best remedies for yeast infection.

  • Use Garlic

The main use of garlic was for its health and medicinal properties during the Ancient period. Make a paste of garlic and apply it in the vaginal areas. Leave it for about 10 minutes. Take a bath after 10 minutes. This helps to remove the odour in the vagina and make the vagina free from infections.

  • Vinegar usage

Add one cup or two cups of apple cider vinegar in the bathtub and soak the body for about 20 minutes. This provides the suitable remedy for bacterial infection. This remedy can be done once in a week.

Thus following the above remedies you can maintain a healthy environment by keeping the vagina safe, healthy and free from infections.



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