Hair Care Tips for Color Treated Hair

Many women love to experiment with coloring their hair.  Not only coloring is fun, but it also gives you instant makeover.  The idea of coloring your hair does come with a thought if you would be able to maintain your color-treated hair look vibrant and shiny.  Well, yes, with proper care, one can keep their color treated hair look gorgeous and healthy.  Below mentioned are several useful tips from the experts to help you care for your color-treated tresses.

Use High Quality Hair Conditioner– Coloring your hair can make hair porous.  This is the reason hair absorb and release moisture more easily.  It can also lead to the loss of color molecules every time when your hair gets wet. Therefore, always use a high-quality hair conditioner that will condition your hair properly. You must opt for ammonia free hair color when coloring your hair.

Avoid Washing Hair Frequently– Washing hair frequently can wash away your vibrant color. Therefore, try to wash your hair less frequently.  This will help you retain natural oils to condition your color treated hair.  You can shampoo just two times in a week rather washing hair every other day. This will not only help your hair color last longer but also maintain your hair in the good health. When you don’t shampoo your hair, keep your hair dry while taking bath.  You can use a shower cap to protect your color-treated hair from getting wet. This can eventually result in fading some color.  The best thing you can do is, tie your hair securely in a bun or ponytail and put on a shower cap.

Use Leave in Treatments– You can use a leave in conditioner to detangle your hair and protect them from other damaging factors.  You can look for the leave in conditions that are specially formulated to protect color-treated hair.  This is extremely important if your hairs are prone to blow dryers, curling or straightening irons or you spend most of the time in the sun.

Use Hot Oil Treatment- You can use hot oil treatment at home to maintain the shine and color of your hair.  You must use hot oil treatment on clean and towel dried hair.  After applying hot oil, cover your hair with a plastic wrap or shower cap. Apply heat either by sitting in the sun or using a hot towel. Allow your hair to cool and then rinse with cool water.

Don’t color Your Hair Too Frequently– As they say excess of everything is bad. Too much coloring can damage your hair. Do not color more than once every five to six weeks.  Again, do not overdo the chemicals on your hair.  Let us say for an example, if you color then try to avoid relaxing or perming.  In case you need both the treatments done, you can ask your hair stylist to use low ammonia and botanical formulas to condition your hair while processing.

Go for regular Trims- If your tresses are dry and lack shine, then they may be damaged.   One of the best ways to keep your locks in the good condition is to get regular cuts or trims.  We do not mean, you need to cut your hair super short, but just keep distressed ends at bay.

Those tips can definitely help you keep your locks in the good condition. Ensure you follow the instructions and use high quality products as suggested by your hair stylist to maintain the color and health of your shiny locks.

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